Thursday, May 31, 2007

{My Brother . . . the graduate}

My little brother Scotty graduated high school today. And I scrapped this up using a template from Shandy.

Click image to enlarge.
And click here to see full credits.

I love scrapbooking. I love this page. I love my brother. That's all.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

{Daddy Daughter Disco Date}

Last week I was in charge of the Daddy Daughter Date at church. After a LOT of work, the night turned out great. I haven't got the official pictures from the gal who took them, but I snapped a few shots of my own. So, I scrapped those up for now!!

You can click here for full details.

I used Andrea's kit "Waiting for Summer" (andilynn designs) for this page. I liked how these colors felt kind of retro and 70s. DISCO! So, thanks Andrea!! This is a great kit. As soon as I get the official pictures, I'll scrap those and show you too. My dad (aka Disco Dave) was a great sport and came to teach the girls and dads how to do the "Hustle". He's pictured in the center frame in the above layout. We took a souvenir photo together in front of the Disco backdrop I made, so check back to see that!! I'm sure its hilarious.

Bye for now!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

{Getting close to being caught up . . . }

I thought I'd post my most recent creation. It's another page for my Weekly Digi-Journal. I only have last week, and this week to scrap and I'm officially caught up. January through May will be complete!! 5 whole months. Wow. I can't believe it.

I really like how this journal page came out. It's sherbety! :) For full credits, click here.

This journal is really satisfying. It fulfills my need to journal, while being able to be creative with it. It actually makes me look forward to keeping up on journalling, instead of looking at it as a task that I'm obligated to do. If you want to kick-start your journalling efforts, or your scrapbooking efforts, or if you are just starting out in the digi-scrap world, I highly recommend starting a project like this. I've learned a LOT about scrapping through my journal!

Ok, I suppose that's all for now.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

{And so it begins . . .}

Well, I'm finally an official blogger! I'm starting up this blog to share my digital scrapbooking desings, layouts, and pages with all my friends and family and other digi-scrappers. I hope you'll check back often and let me know what you think about my stuff.

My sister in law Marci and I set a new year's resoultion to type up a weekly journal entry, every week though the year. The plan was to add a few pictures here and there and make a book on at the end of the year. Well, when I discovered digital scrapbooking, it occurred to me that it would be really fun to scrap up each journal entry. So at the end of the year, the plan is to order an 8x10 book with all the pages. It'll be an awesome book all about my life in 2007. The focus of the pages is the journaling, not really the pictures. Some weeks don't even have pictures. I've been working on getting caught up. I'm almost there. Then I'll only have to scrap one page a week to keep it up. I'm REALLY loving this project.

I'll post my LOs from each week on this blog.

Here's a page I scrapped last night for my digi-journal. I used Andrea, of andilynn designs, "Tailored Pink" kit. I love this kit because pink and black is one of my very favorite color schemes. Andrea has asked me to be on her Creative Team. I'm really flattered and excited. I've never been on a CT before. She's working on getting her store up and running and then the CT will REALLY kick in to gear. I can't wait.

I guess that's it for my very first blog entry. If you want to know more about me and my life other than digi-scrapping, you can check out my home page.

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