Sunday, May 27, 2007

{Getting close to being caught up . . . }

I thought I'd post my most recent creation. It's another page for my Weekly Digi-Journal. I only have last week, and this week to scrap and I'm officially caught up. January through May will be complete!! 5 whole months. Wow. I can't believe it.

I really like how this journal page came out. It's sherbety! :) For full credits, click here.

This journal is really satisfying. It fulfills my need to journal, while being able to be creative with it. It actually makes me look forward to keeping up on journalling, instead of looking at it as a task that I'm obligated to do. If you want to kick-start your journalling efforts, or your scrapbooking efforts, or if you are just starting out in the digi-scrap world, I highly recommend starting a project like this. I've learned a LOT about scrapping through my journal!

Ok, I suppose that's all for now.



  1. I left you some love over at DST -- but just wanted to come and say that I think your blog it totallyl hot!!! you've designed it up just so beautifully!!!

  2. What a great idea - I love this and how you are journal scrapping - I think I am going to try this - love the layout too!

  3. This is really neat -- love the idea of a weekly journal. Great job on my template too -- love how you used it. ;)


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