Sunday, June 17, 2007


For a change of pace, I thought I'd blog about one of the other crafts I've just recently learned and now LOVE doing! BEADING!!

It started out as a project for Mother's Day gifts for my mom, mother in law and sisters in law. But now I make lots of gifts for other people. Actually, I just realized I haven't made anything for myself!! Haha!! Wow. That is funny. I think I'll change that before the weekend is over.

Anyway - Here are the pieces I made for Mother's Day. My first projects (click on any image to enlarge):

(our moms got a full set, earrings, double strand bracelet, and necklace)

(the sister in laws got a double strand bracelet)

Well, not only was the jewelry was a huge hit, I was also hooked! I decided to make earrings and necklaces to match their bracelets for both sister in laws for their upcoming birthdays. Tami got hers in May and Stacy got hers tonight at dinner. I didn't take pictures of Tami's necklace and earrings. Oops! But here are Stacy's extras.

In the mean time, I've made a bracelet for Lexi, one of the girls I teach at church, who was turning 16 and moving on to the next class up. And also a couple of baby bracelets for a lady I work with in the young women's program who just had a baby girl (and one for her 2 year old girl too, so she wouldn't feel left out).

Okay - and the last set I've made is a Mommy and Daughter matching set for my cousin and her 1 year old little girl. This one turned out really cute (if I don't say so myself)!

GREAT BIG THANKS to my Aunt Karen and my cousin Brooklyn for teaching me how to bead! It's really fun and such a creative outlet! The possibilities are endless!!

P.S. Have you ever seen "Man vs. Wild" on the Discovery Channel? It's INCREDIBLE!! We are watching it right now. Wow. Check it out!


  1. They are all super cute but I really love the mommy/daughter set! I like the clear beads!

  2. You are so creative and talented. What a great gift!

  3. These are beautiful, Britt! They look amazing. I like the matching mother daughter set especially.

  4. I love the jewelry Britt. I too LOVE the mommy/daughter set. I loved your mom's too...I bet she loved it!

  5. Oh those are LOVERLY. I used to bead with my grandma growing up but all we used were seed beads. I love the glass beads that are out these days. I especially like the bracelet you did for Tami. It looks like something I would wear or make my little girl wear hehehe.


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