Friday, June 22, 2007

{blogs, blogs, and more blogs}

Lately I've been scrapping or designing blog headers for friends blogs. They saw the blog header I scrapped up for this blog and wanted one of their own. None of them are digi-scrappers, so I thought I'd do a few good deeds and help 'em out.

Where they are not making any money or in any way related to the world of digital scrapbooking, I figured using the products would be ok.

The first one I created was for my friend at the law firm where I work, Angela. Her blog belongs to her AND her fiance. They both post on it. So they asked for a header that was both masculine and feminine with a color scheme of deep red, navy blue, grey and white. So here's what I came up with for them.

Luckily they loved it and its been on their blog for a while now. After Angela's, I offered to do one for my friend Megan at work. I asked her what she wanted but she didn't know what her options were, so I showed her a few cute blog headers that are out there and she REALLY liked Shandy's. But she wanted it a little smaller and more with the color scheme she already had on her blog. So, this is what I did for Megan:

And finally, my sis-in-law, Marci, started a little blog and I created a very cute header for her. She wanted pink, purple, and green and to make it "Marci-ish". So here's Marci's header:

It's really been fun to make these blog headers. It helps to kill the desire to re-do mine every week, but also it makes me feel good when my friends get so excited about stuff I make for them!

So, Shantell . . . are you next? :)


  1. Britt...

    I LOVE that last header.

    How did you get the folded, torn look of the paper? I've always wondered about that.

    I have Atomic Cupcake's folded tear action but it looks nothing like that!

    Do tell. :o)


  2. Hi. Can I ask what dimensions you make your blog header? Want to try to make one, but not sure where to start.

    Thanks for the template too. I love stitching.


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