Wednesday, June 20, 2007

{I've been tagged!}

Andrea tagged my blog. So - now I'm supposed to post 7 interesting facts about me . . . let's see. . .

1) I'm a Disney NUT!!! I love Disneyland so much, its a little crazy. In fact, I even have a Disneyland Photo of the Day Game where every morning Monday thru Friday I email all the members of the game a picture of something in Disneyland. And it can be anything! Just to brighten their day and make them smile. Then on Friday the voting opens. Everyone votes for their favorite photo that week and on Monday I announce the winner and it all starts over again! It's been going on since February, and shows no signs of stopping. (If you love Disneyland - that's only requirement to join - and want to join in the game, leave a comment or email me!) My whole family is a little Disneyland-Crazy.

2) I LOVE to read, and have a secret desire (well, sort of secret, but I guess its not a secret anymore) to write a novel. I started writing one this year actually, but its very time consuming and I have way too many hobbies, so the book got pushed to the back burner. But its fun! But, yeah, I love reading. My mom's side of the family has a Hansen Women Book Club that I belong to. We meet once a month to discuss the book we read (and eat, and chat, and catch up!). It's so much fun!

3) I love New York City! I've been twice and I feel like I could live there. I love the Subway, the buildings, the people, everything about it. It's the greatest city. I can't wait to to Josh there for his first time. Someday.

4) I wakeboard. My family has always boated. Its just what we do in the summer. I love being out on a lake with my family. I love to ride in the boat, and jump in for a dip. And yes, I wakeboard. I'm a big chicken, and I'm the most boring wakeboarder to watch. My dad and brothers do all kinds of tricks and jumps and I just go straight. But I don't care. I just do what doesn't hurt me or make me scared!

5) I have a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies. My major was Theatre with an emphasis in Costume Design for film. I spent 1 year at a little college in Seattle called Seattle Pacific University where I studied Fashion Design. There, I realized I really wanted to study Costume Design and get involved in film. So I transferred to the one school I always swore I'd never attend, BYU. I spent 3 busy years there, working on student films, design projects, doing makeup and hair for plays and having a great time doing it. It was a lot of work, but I'm happy that's what I studied. I learned so much.

6) When I was little, I won a hula-hoop contest at a waterslide park. And it was EASY AS PIE. I could hula-hoop forever. When I was little. Now, not so much.

7) And lastly, my favorite CD right now is Mika. It's a little bit like Queen, and I LOVE me some Queen. It's a really great CD. I highly recommend it. I like all kinds of music. There's really not one type of music that I could call my favorite. My iPod is filled with a VERY random assortment.

So - enough about me. Let's go learn more about these girls. I tag: Angela, Megan, and Marci. Go blog 7 interesting facts about you!


  1. Thanks for tagging me Britt. It might take me a few days to think of 7 interesting things about myself, but I will do it, just for you. I would totally read your novel, by the way. Also, can you teach my to hula hoop better? It is obvious from the photo on my blog that I need help.

  2. This was so interesting. While California is a bit off the beaten path for us, Pan and I head off to DisneyWorld in Orlando just about every year. He goes for computer conferences, I go to enjoy DisneyWorld. Hope the conference is there again this year.... Else we will just have to start taking actual vacations, LOL.


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