Thursday, July 26, 2007

{Christmas in July??!}

I put a few finishing touches on a couple LOs I did back in June. They are Christmas LOs! It's always fun to scrap Christmas pictures! :) I have lots more to go though.

Credits are in my gallery.

I've also been working on getting my weekly digi-journal all caught up! (Again, all credits are in my gallery.) Have I told you about how much I love this project? It is so much fun! I love having a record of my life week to week! When I print it all in a book its going to be so AWESOME!! So - here are the last 4 weeks! (I broke one week up into 2 pages because so much happened, so there are really 5 pages!)

Alrighty - that's all my journaling! I'm all caught up . . . FOR NOW!! :) Now, I've gotta go pack for California! See ya!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

{I'm baaaaaack!!}

Well, I was gone to Girl's Camp with my church all week last week. But I'm back now and I'm ready to scrap! This is just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive! Here's a double-pager I scrapped right before I left for camp. I'm hoping to find time to scrap some more this week.

Credits can be found here!

That's all for now! Short and sweet.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

{livin' the scrap life}

Hello to all my blog readers (all 2 of you!!)! Hope this week has been going well. It's been pretty uneventful for me. Although, I always have something going on, just nothing exciting to report. But, I'll show you my latest LOs and then call it a night!

This first one is a LO I did in response to TWO challenges online. (WOO HOO!! TWO Challenges, one stone!)

(All credits can be found in my digishoptalk gallery. And, as always, click the images to enlarge).

One of the challenges was to scrap a reason you love your country, using only your country's official colors, and using a ribbon in a unique way. The other challenge was to scrap 5 or more pictures on one page, at least one photo had to be straight and not rotated in any way (none of mine are), and you had to use some sort of glitter or bling. I didn't start out combining the two challenges into one LO, it just worked out that way!! It was very fun!

This next LO I did for my weekly Shine entry for Shandy's blog. I used her kit called "Fanciful" which I LOVE!! I used my mom's favorite saying "There's No Place Like Home". We love our home so much, and I loved scrapping about it!

The next LO I did with Andrea's new kit "Summer Sweets - Brights" (now available at!) to go along with the other park pictures I scrapped last week. When we took these pictures Morgan and I laughed about how cute the scrapbook page was going to be and WE WERE RIGHT!!! I love the bright fun colors.

And last but not least, this is a LO I scrapped for the weekly Scraphead challenge.

Leah is hosting this week and she gave us 4 freebie elements that we had to include in our LO! That was the challenge. We had to include: 1) The red crumpled paper, 2) the piece of tape, 3) the 'O' grommet with the blue ribbon, and 4) the slide frame. I think my LO turned out pretty good! This challenge is so fun because everyone uses these items differently. And its soooo much fun to see the clever things people think to do with the elements.

So - that's what I've been scrappin' these days. Now, I gotta go watch So You Think You Can Dance!!! I'm so excited. I went through withdrawals last week when it wasn't on!!!! SHEESH! Peace out.

Friday, July 6, 2007

{my scrapping addiction grows. . . }

Well, I keep waiting for this obsession with digi-scrapping to fade, as so many of my hobbies seem to do, but it just gets stronger and stronger! And I'm starting to pull people in with me! My cousin Morgan, my friend Shantell, and my sis-in-law Marci have all caught the bug thanks to me! And soon to follow is my other sister in law Tami, and my friend Angela. They are both on the edge, waiting for the right time to jump in! And I can't wait for them to join us!! Come on in girls, the water's GREAT!

So - here's what I've been scrapping lately.

This first layout is a scraplift (which means I took someone else's page and did my own take on it) by an amazing scrapper named Amy Koyle. I did it for a scraplift challenge at GinaMillerDesigns. Her team does AMAZING work. It was not hard to be inspired looking at their galleries!

(full credits can always be found at my digishoptalk gallery)

Ok, this next LO is one I did for the Creative Teams I'm on. Andilynn Designs AND Andrea (of Andilynn Designs) just started selling at, so this LO is for both teams!! :) I love Andrea's new kit! It's called "Summer Sweets - Brights". If you are interested, its available here. She is selling it as an entire kit and also in pieces.

Isn't it so cute and bright and fun? I love how it came out. I have so many great pictures from my Phoenix trip! It's been really fun to scrap them. I still have lots to go!

And finally, this LO I cranked out last night for Shandy's blog challenge! She was so generous and gave her newest kit "Spangled Glory" to anyone who turned in a LO yesterday using her free Add-On! Of course, I JUMPED at the chance to grab this awesome kit! Perfect for all my 4th of July pics!!! So, this is my LO using the Add-On:

And that is what I've been scrappin' lately! If you've made it this far, I'm impressed! This was a LONG entry! I need to do them more often so they're shorter and sweeter!

Josh and I are heading out of town for the weekend after work today! We are going to Snowbird Mountain Resort to celebrate his birthday! I'm so excited!! Its going to be so much fun! Hope you have a great weekend too!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

{a free template for a template challenge!}

Helloooo! I've created a brand new template for our template challenge over at It's free for anyone who'd like to participate!

I am so in love with this template! Even though I made it. :) It's sweet. I created it from one my own favorite LOs. Here's the LO I created it from.

Full credits can be found here

This is my second freebie ever, so please let me know what you think! And I hope you'll come and participate in the challenge. Freebie links have expired. Thank you for your interest!

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