Sunday, August 5, 2007

{happiest journal pages on earth!}

I've been pretty good lately about keeping caught up on my journal. Here are the last few pages, including two whole pages about our ONE day in Disneyland. These pages are cover our whole trip to California to visit Christian and Marci and Eden.

Click images to enlarge and all credits are in my gallery.

And that's all my journal pages up to now. Well, I guess now I have to scrap the rest of this week to be TRULY up to date!! Guess I have some scrapping to do!


  1. I LOVE these journal pages! Looks like you has a great trip!! I can't wait to go to DISNEYLAND!!

  2. Okay, your husband is too cute with that comment. Mine is just like - "You have a blog?" Duh.

    BTW, you should come & live with us so you can scrap my life journal too. You are too talented! Utah to Connecticut isn't THAT horrible of a commute.



  3. I was organizing my pictures and tons of junk the other day, and in one of my guard boxes, there were pictures I hadn't seen in AGES! There is a picture of you and Holly on Main Street in Disneyland with the castle in the background and you are totally cheesin it! I loved it, it made me laugh because you look like you were the happiest person on earth! haha Disneyland really is the BEST!


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