Thursday, November 29, 2007

{they digi-dared me!!}

For anyone who has not checked out I HIGHLY recommend it. I don't do the dares faithfully, but when I do I always have fun! Plus you always have a chance at winning a groovy prize! I haven't won yet, but maybe some day.

The dare this week was to scrap something that had to do with shopping. A big purchase you made, something you regret buying anything having to do with shopping (and then they throw in some fun "dare flair" things like having something black on your LO, etc.). I knew EXACTLY the photos I wanted to scrap! Last year Josh got a Playstation3, back when they were impossible to get so it was a BIG DEAL, and I have been wanting to scrap the photos of him opening his delivery for a while now! So off I scrapped!

credits here

So there's my entry! I really like how it turned out! :) It even has a few items from my upcoming Christmas kit (which will be out very soon)!!

Is it sad that I'm scrapping photos from a year ago?? I just started digi-scrapping in April. So - I HAVE to go back and scrap! Right?? I would really like scrapbooks starting back when Josh and I first started dating, but that's going to be a LOT of work!! How can I ever get it all scrapped? I just have to keep truckin' along and see how much I can get done.

Have a happy Thursday!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

{more disneyland pages}

I really can't believe I put off scrapping Disneyland for so long! It's just so fun to scrap these photos! I guess I just needed the right inspiration, the right products. Well, maybe its just that now I feel really ready. Whatever! I'm glad I finally started because It's fun!!!!

credits here

For my tea cups LO I wanted it to feel really spinny and mad/crazy/fun! I think I got it! :)

credits here

Alright - well, I gotta go join Josh in bed to watch some "March of the Penguins! We LOVE the movie. Have you seen it? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

{I did it! I did it!}

I actually scrapped a page from one of my 4 trips to Disneyland this year! This is from my family's trip back in January! Andrea's "Let's Polka" kit really got me excited to start scrapping Disneyland photos. I was able to modify it a bit to make Mickey heads! It's big deal for me that I was finally brave enough to start on Disney photos! I just want them to be so perfect! It's hard to start. Especially when I know I have SO MANY photos to scrap, all of which I love and are special to me!!

Anyway - here is my big accomplishment!

credits here

And now I feel ready to keep going and scrap more!! Maybe by the end of 2008 I'll finally have 2007 Disneyland photos scrapped. Too bad that I'll probably have a few more Disneyland trips in 2008! How will I ever catch up? haha!

Friday, November 23, 2007

{my first grab bag!!}

Ok - its official for sale.

Click here to get it!!

Plus, 3 other designers (Andilynn Designs, Ellie Lash/Sugar Snap Scraps, and SHARIngCreations) all have grab bags for sale too!! AND if you buy all 4 you get a FREE $5 GC to the Shop!! :)

Woo hoo!

The grab bags are only available until December 2nd, so grab 'em while you can! I've seen inside all of them, and you won't be disappointed!! Promise! :)

Tami and Marci are coming over today for our very first crop together! They'll be here soon! I can't wait!! It's going to be super fun!

OH! And I scrapped a CT LO for scraphead yesterday while I watched the Macy's Day parade. I used Kate Reitz' "Hey Baby! - Girl" kit available here at AND this awesome cluster actions by Flergs (also at scraphead).


Well, I gotta straighten up. Tami and Marci will be here very soon!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

{happy thanksgiving - my gift to you!!!}

Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  It's 9:00 am here and the Macy's Day Parade just started on TV.  I love watching the parade, but this year the parade is EXTRA  special.

 My little brother Cameron is in NEW YORK CITY right now marching down the street in the parade!! I can't believe it! I wish I could be there cheering so loud for him that I lose my voice!!!  GO CAMERON!!!!!!  I hope we get to see him on TV. There's no guarantees, but I'm watching the parade much more carefully than any other year!

Well, I have a gift to everyone to express my Gratitude for all the support you have shown to me and my designs, my scrapping and new little business ventures. A mini-kit, I call "My Grateful Heart".

Download it here and enjoy!! Have have a very happy Thanksgiving. I hope it is filled with love and joy!

OH MY GOSH!!!! MY LITTLE BROTHER'S BAND JUST MARCHED BEHIND AL ROCHER WHILE HE WAS INTERVIEWING PATTI LABELLE!!!!!!!! It wasn't their big moment, but it was them!! You could see their uniforms and hear their awesome music!! I was jumping up and down and trying to call my mom like a crazy person all alone in my living room!! HAHA!!! Ok - gotta get back to the parade!!

Enjoy the freebie!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

{black friday sale coming soon}

Hey folks!! Just popping on to post our ad for the big ScrapMatters Black Friday sale!!!

Soooo much fun!

Josh and I are on our way out the door in a few minutes to a yummy dinner at "Happy Sumo" with our friends Jordan and Sydney and bunch of their friends to celebrate Jordan's birthday. Then aftewards Josh and I are going to see "Enchanted"!! It came out today and I just CAN'T WAIT to see it!!

Gotta run!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

{I finally finished camp!!}

Yes, girl's camp was over 4 months ago, but I sort of got burnt out scrapping all the zillions of photos I took. Well, I decided to just narrow it down to a few more photos and call it good. There were just too many, and most of them weren't that great anyway. So . . . here are my two last LOs from camp!!



Whew. Feels so good to be done scrapping camp! I seem to have a hard time scrapping big events, like big vacations. Especially my Disneyland trips. It's either too overwhelming or I just want it to be so perfect that I don't dare start!!! But I know I need to! It's just so easy to scrap the little things that you only have a few photos of!! Anyone have any advice on scrapping the big stuff?? Or is it just "DIVE IN AND DO IT". That's my own advice. I guess I should take it!

Oh - here's some news. I'm releasing my very first grab bag on Thanksgiving Day at ScrapMatters!! It's seriously PACKED full of goodies. I really can't believe how much stuff I'm giving away for just a few bucks! You really won't regret getting it!

AND . . . on top of that. I have a special Thanksgiving Day gift coming for all my blog readers! So watch for that on Thursday. I'll even give you a tiny peek at the freebie!!

Again, that will come out on Thursday so make sure to come back and get it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

{two new LOs - oh yeah, and I was tagged}

Scrapped a couple CT LOs. One for Scraphead and one for Shandy!

Here's Scraphead's. I used quite a few different designers at scraphead for this LO. Find full credits here.

This is our house for halloween last year. We really went all out decorating. Sadly this year was not nearly as impressive. But I am determined to do it up big next year. Scrapping this page reminded me how great it can look!

And here's my CT LO for Shandy Vogt. She just released some great new papers and fun templates!! Find credits here.

This is my nephew Isaac a year ago! He's so little here!! But he's always been fearless. I really wanted to capture the fearlessness in his little body.

Alrighty, my friend and ex-coworker, Megan, tagged me! So . . . here we go. I have to tell 6 facts about me.

1) I LOVE Caifornia Pizza Kitchen's BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad. Here is the perfect meal for me: CPK, tuscan hummus appetizer, sourdough bread and butter, endless Dr. Pepper and a BIG HUGE BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad - no jicima, no cilantro. Mmm . . .

2) It's hard to pick a favorite holiday, but I LOVE the 4th of July. I love parades. I love fireworks. I love food cooked outside on a grill. I love to dress in red, white and blue. I love getting together with family. I love to hear the national anthem. I just LOVE the 4th of July. It's a grand holiday and I really look forward to it every year.

3) Most people already know this about me, but for those of you who don't . . . I might be the biggest Disneyland-Nut you've ever met. I love Disneyland. It's my favorite place to be in the entire world. Josh and I have annual passes and we have already been on 4 trips there since July when we got them (that's a total of 10 days since July!!). I thought maybe I'd get my fix and be ok not going there until our next planned trip in March. But I'm already ready to go back.

4) The movie "You've Got Mail" might be the best, most perfect movie ever made. I can't count the times I've seen it, and its just wonderful. I love everything about it. And, even though this makes me sound crazy, my mom and I have the audio on our iPods so we can just listen to the movie when we are out and about, or cleaning, or whatever (no we don't have fancy-pants video iPods). Sleepless in Seattle runs a close second (we listen to that one too).

5) My mom always tells me that when there are chores to be done that you don't feel like doing, but on your shoes (slippers do not count), crank up the disco music and get to work. She says having your shoes on makes you work harder and faster and the music makes it less boring. It TOTALLY works. TRY IT!

6) I read US Weekly when we go on road trips. I never buy it otherwise, cuz I know its sort of a trashy tabloid! But its a guilty pleasure that I REALLY enjoy when we are on the road!! And I read it cover to cover. So good.

Alrighty - now you know more about me!! I am tagging: Marci, Leslie, Danica, Tami, and Shantell! Can't wait to learn 6 things about you girls!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

{challenge entry and a FREEBIE!}

Took time today to scrap! It feels like its been a long time since I stopped "working" and just scrapped. This is my entry for Aly's "Scrap Outside the Box" challenge at scraphead!

credits here

Here is my list of ways I scrapped outside my box!

1) I scraplifted a PAPER LO I saw on Two Peas & ScrapGal that I found a while back and loved. Never scraplifted a paper LO before! It was fun! You can see the LO I lifted here! It's by a super talented paper scrapper named Lea.

2) I always love how people are clever and cut out papers and strips to use in ways other than matting a photo. I NEVER do that!

3) Every time I see a LO with an alpha hung on a string or ribbon or where the string is woven through the alpha, I LOVE that! So I gave it a try for the first time!

4) I love the "inked" look on papers, but I never take the time to do it, especially by hand with a brush! But I took the time to do it here!! And I'm glad I did. I love that look.

This was so much fun! I am going to scrap outside the box much more often!!!!

Ok - and the reason you are still reading . . . the freebie!! I put together "Thankful for Stamps" for to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Click here to find the download link!!! I hope you enjoy 'em! I would love to see any LOs you use them on! If you leave me a comment with a link to a LO using any of the stamps, I'll send you another little goodie in return!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

{time flies!}

I think about posting every day! Then I actually go to do it and realize it's been almost a week since my last entry!! How did that happen? I swear I just posted a couple days ago! Where does the time go?!! (I know that sounds cliche' but I'm SERIOUS!!!)

Well, we chose our new Guest Creative Team members at ScrapMatters!! It was hard to choose but I think our new team is going to be AWESOME!! For any of you who applied but weren't chosen, please apply next time! We just couldn't take everyone!!!!

AND our newbies are already scrapping up a storm! Check out the ScrapMatters gallery to see the LOs they've already done!!

We had beading beauties on Tuesday. It was a VERY small group this month! Probably because I had to switch the date around because I was out of town! But we missed everyone who wasn't there!!! So you better come next month! (Frames from Autumn Romance kit by Misty Cato).

This is my and my friend Angie! She made her bracelet as a Christmas gift for someone special. . . I won't say who!!!

My mom-in-law, Liz, is modeling the cute Christmas Light earrings she made AND she made a gorgeous blue necklace. You can see the necklace in the works at the bottom of the photo! And Tami made a really cute rose-colored bracelet!!! :)

My niece Ali is by far our youngest Beading Beauty. She made friendship bracelets for herself and a her friend using their last name initial! Pretty cute huh!)

I made this pink bracelet for myself. I don't make things for myself enough! So, even though I was tempted to do some projects for gifts or whatnot, I decided to just be selfish and make myself a bracelet. If you know me IRL you know I wear a LOT of pink! So, I will wear this a lot, I'm sure!!

Thanks to the Beauties who came! To those who didn't - we missed you and can't wait to see you next time!

Friday, November 9, 2007

{best husband ever!}

I just have to gush a little! I have the best husband ever!! Yesterday he came home with this HUGE bouquet of GORGEOUS red roses to tell me congratulations on my new job!! Isn't he the sweetest? He's so thoughtful. I'm so lucky!!

They are just BIG and gorgeous and I feel so happy when I look at them!

I also scrapped this page from LAST year's Halloween! Michelle Guymon designed a kit at called "Good vs. Evil" and as soon as I saw it I knew I had the PERFECT photos for it!!

credits here

I really like how it came out! Well, hope you all have fun plans for the weekend. Josh and I just made plans to stay in, order chinese, and watch Rataoille, which we just bought yesterday but have never seen! Everyone keeps telling us we just HAVE to see it! So, I'm excited!!! I love nights in!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

{home again, home again}

I have to start by saying thank you to all my nice readers who left me such sweet comments about my new job! Thank you thank you thank you!! And also, thanks to everyone who downloaded my freebies and made purchases this weekend for Digital Scrapbooking Day! I can't tell you how happy that made me!!!

We had a such a GREAT time in Disneyland this weekend. It was so much fun to be there with my entire family!!! But it is very nice to be home safe and sound. We have traveled quite a bit this last few weeks, and we are ready for some home-time, doing nothing!! Now, if only I had some time to recover!

My new job at Blue Sheep Printing started today. It is pretty fun!! I got to design some tee shirts for the BYU Field Hockey team, rebuild the logo into our computer for a little diner in rural Utah, and work on some art for a high school yearbook staff. It's pretty random but its fun! Much much more fun than the law firm. I hope it continues to go so well. I was only supposed to be working M, W, F from noon to 5, but already they've asked me to come in tomorrow because I was "so helpful today". Heehee.

I scrapped this LO tonight, and just wanted to share it! Full credits can be found here.

I actually scrapped this for a template challenge that Happy Scrap Girl is hosting at ScrapMatters. Go check it out! You can use any template you want! It was fun!! :)

Well, I'm seriously tired. Gotta go get some sleep!! My poor tired hubby is already sleeping on the couch. Gotta go get him in bed too.

Friday, November 2, 2007

{what a day!! I have so much NEWS!!!!}

Ok, so today could not be bigger . . . ok, I guess it could, but I feel like I'm just "busting" as George Costanza would put it.

So . . . where to start . . . tomorrow, as many of you know, is Digital Scrapbooking Day, and while I'll be on a family vacation and not celebrating with scrapping, I still have lots to do and tell you about DSD! First of all, I collaborated with a bunch of designers at scraphead on an amazing FREE kit, yes FREE! It's called "Autumn Celebration" and its free for THREE DAYS ONLY, starting today, November 2nd through the 4th! So click here and snatch it up while its FREE!!! (Isn't it so pretty?? I just love it!)

Scraphead is also doing a 40% off sale all day tomorrow, using a discount code you can snag from their homepage!!! So, 40% off, on top of a free kit! What a deal!

ALSO, for DSD I'm hosting a challenge at ScrapMatters. It starts today and runs through next weekend. It's a digi-journal challenge. If you don't know what a digi-journal is, click here! I'm giving away this free digi-journal template to anyone who wants to do the challenge. You don't HAVE to use the template, but the freebie is there for ya, if you do! (Its available in separated PNG files, psd, AND tiff!)

Come start digi-journaling with me!!! It's so much fun. Probably the most rewarding project I do! Click here to check out the challenge!! While you're at ScrapMatters, check out all the other fun challenges and freebies and whatnot going on during Digital Scrapbooking Day!

The fun does not stop there!! I also have a BRAND NEW KIT!!! Just released today! It's called "Brown Eyed Girl".

And here are some detail shots for you!!

I had such fun making this kit! If you have Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" play it while scrapping with this kit!! It's the BEST!!! :) I wanted to have my LO done to show this off, but I just can't do everything!!!

I really crammed this kit full of all kind of goodies!! You can pick up this kit at both ScrapMatters and scraphead. Both stores are having killer sales to celebrate DSD. So, go get this FUN FUN FUN kit while its CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!

Whew, are you exhausted with this entry yet?? I am . . . push through! For all my faithful blog readers, I have a freebie for you! It coordinates with "Brown Eyed Girl"! If you know my scrapping, you know I LOVE glitter. And I JUST figured out how to make it!!!!!! So, here are 5 "Glitzy Frames" to feed your glitter addiction too!

Click HERE to download your glitzy frames!!! Leave me some love if you download!

And finally, the biggest and most "busting" news of all!!! I just got a job as a part time artist for a screen printing company! It's not good money, and its not many hours, but its going to be AWESOME. I think its a step in the right direction for me, job-wise. Much much much better than the law-firm! It's something that I can actually USE my creativity for! It's a GREAT day today. Plus, in one hour I get to leave with my family for the weekend! WOO HOO!!!!

It just goes to show you that kharma is real! If you are positive and do good things, goodness will come back to you! I totally believe that. Have a fabulous weekend! Have fun scrapping on DSD, or whatever you may be doing this weekend! I will be back late Tuesday night, so I might not be able to blog until then!

Sending out only happiness and good things!!!!

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