Tuesday, November 20, 2007

{I finally finished camp!!}

Yes, girl's camp was over 4 months ago, but I sort of got burnt out scrapping all the zillions of photos I took. Well, I decided to just narrow it down to a few more photos and call it good. There were just too many, and most of them weren't that great anyway. So . . . here are my two last LOs from camp!!



Whew. Feels so good to be done scrapping camp! I seem to have a hard time scrapping big events, like big vacations. Especially my Disneyland trips. It's either too overwhelming or I just want it to be so perfect that I don't dare start!!! But I know I need to! It's just so easy to scrap the little things that you only have a few photos of!! Anyone have any advice on scrapping the big stuff?? Or is it just "DIVE IN AND DO IT". That's my own advice. I guess I should take it!

Oh - here's some news. I'm releasing my very first grab bag on Thanksgiving Day at ScrapMatters!! It's seriously PACKED full of goodies. I really can't believe how much stuff I'm giving away for just a few bucks! You really won't regret getting it!

AND . . . on top of that. I have a special Thanksgiving Day gift coming for all my blog readers! So watch for that on Thursday. I'll even give you a tiny peek at the freebie!!

Again, that will come out on Thursday so make sure to come back and get it!

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  1. LOL. What's even harder is when you go every year and trying to make each year's pages unique. I usually start writing down a list of pages I want to cover then look for 3 to 5 pictures that depict each page. Like the ones I am working on now I have 1) A view from the Room; 2)Downtown Disney; 3) Pleasure Island; 4)Dining Experiences and 5) A tour of the Marriott.


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