Monday, December 24, 2007

{B is for . . .}

Merry Christmas Eve!!! :)

Yes, B is for Brian Regen. My family LOVES Brian Regen. He's a comedian, and he is HILARIOUS! We all quote him all the time. He's clean, and goofy and just so hysterically funny! Last Christmas my mom got us all tickets to go see him live! We had these really awesome loge seats! It was a GREAT night!! Check out some of his stuff on his site! You will get a good laugh!!

I'll leave you will a LO. These are my wonderful parents. They volunteered for the annual Band Breakfast this summer to help raise money for the High School Marching Band of which Cameron is a part of. I think they woke up at 5 am for it!! They are troopers! :) :)


Aren't my parents the cutest?

The owner of the screen printing place I work at called me in to work for a little over an hour this morning. I guess he hasn't done any Christmas shopping for his family so he's working on some tee shirts and sweatshirts for them and needed some artwork done. He paid me in cash, so that was a nice little bonus. But it was sort of a bummer to have to go in to work today. Oh well, its over and now I can relax and enjoy the afternoon with Josh! :)

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. WOW! That's some great narrative and REALLY great pictures! Fun stuff!

  2. Not from robert Chad, From MOM


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