Tuesday, December 4, 2007

{my little brother is going to Chile!}

Tomorrow my little brother Scotty goes into the Missionary Training Center to be trained to serve as a missionary in Antofagasta Chile for two years!! I can't believe he is old enough and that the time has finally come! We will miss him, but I am so proud of him for choosing to serve a mission. It's so awesome!! (Glitter frame and ribbon wrap by Flergs - thanks chica!)

Nothing else exciting has been going on. We had an extremely lazy and relaxing weekend, which we really needed and enjoyed! It snowed and snowed on Saturday, so all our plans for hanging up our Christmas lights went out the window. We are hoping for some sunshine and meltage so we (and when I say we I mean Josh) can get out there and hang up our lights.

I'm working on a brand new kit!! I am really lovin' it so far!! Wanna peek?? Oh alright . . .

I hope to have it out this weekend, but we'll see!

That's all for today. I'll leave ya with a LO I did a few days ago for Shandy's CT, but forgot to post. I used her "LedgerAbles" paper packs and her "Swass Leaves" brushes and my own template from the "Fun & Flirty" template pack!!

full credits here

See ya later!!!


  1. YAY NEW KIT!! It looks like it's going to be awesome! Love the LO! You are so good at taking pics of all your family! That is so GREAT your brother is going to Chile! Crazy how everyone grows up so fast!

  2. I laughed at your little excerpt from The Grinch! hehe ... when I say we I mean you.... Love that movie. It's weird that Scotty is leaving... he just seems too young.... it's weird that him and my sister are the same age... she doesn't seem that old either!

  3. You look so pretty in the pic with Scotty! Is that the coat you go on our Old Navy trip?

  4. Wow I can't believe that little scotty is already going on a mission! That is awesome & I can't wait to see your new kit! I promise I will start cranking out some pages with your cute stuff!

  5. Dear Brittney:

    Tell your Brother that if he comes to Santiago (Chile) before going to Antofagasta, and if he needs a Host, I can pick him up at the airport, take him to his hotel, show him around town, that is take care of any language difficulty and knowhow to help him get around, for a very small cost. If he is interested he can get in touch with me at: monperz2@gmail.com




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