Wednesday, December 19, 2007

{real trees vs. fake trees]

I have nothing against people who get fake Christmas trees. Getting a real one is a totally hassle. It's expensive, you have to water it all the time (which for some reason is hard to remember for me), they leave needles all over, and then you have to deal with getting rid of it after the season is over.

BUT there is NOTHING like a real tree. It just feels different having it in your house. It makes the entire house smell like Christmas. I just LOVE having a real tree. I love going to pick it out. Going through rows of trees looking for the perfect one. I love setting it up and having a new and unique canvas to work with. I REALLY want my kids to remember having a real tree, so I will keep getting them for as long as I can! And while I figure eventually I will have to give in and get a fake tree some day down the road, I will REVEL in getting a real tree every year that I can.


This year was no exception. I LOVE our real tree!!


  1. I love the scrapbook page! We have had colds ever since we got our real tree so I can't smell it! So sad!

  2. I love real trees too. I've never had a fake one. I want one.. but only because I HATE putting the lights on the tree! I had my husband do it last year, and I was not satisfied.... so I have to do it now, and I hate it!! But, I TOTALLY prefer the real tree, and mostly for the yummy pine smell!!!

  3. I agree with katie jo; you can't beat the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, or a fresh Christmas wreath. Therefore, real garland all the way.


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