Thursday, January 31, 2008

{she scraps-a-lot}

So lately I've been called off from my job at the screen printers a LOT. I haven't gone in at all this week, and its left me with TONS of time to scrap, which of course is fun, but not the best for our financial situation!! Anyway - just wanted to post my latest LOs.

But first, i have to share this LO that Morgan, my cousin, scrapped with my new collab. kit!!!

Morgan ROCKS. She is such a talented scrapper, its amazing. She's always so creative. This LO really just made me grin from ear to ear. LOVE IT Morgan!!!

Oh and before I forget, just a reminder that you have until the break of dawn tomorrow to get a "Show-Off" emailed to me! All my show-offs will get a another good prize this week, so send those in!!

Ok - NOW on to what I have been scrapping this week. (I'll warn you, there's a LOT!)

I scrapped this first one for a challenge over at ScrapMatters where you use an ad to get inspiration!


You can check out that challenge here if you want!


I think I told you a while back that we had a triple date with Ben, Tami, Sean and Stacy to play Rock Band at our house. It was so much fun!!

Then I scrapped this pic from LAST Easter! I know, I jump all over!!! I'm trying keep up and catch up at the same time!! HAHA


This one is a little "sweeter" than I normally do, but I liked it sweet for Easter.

Back when we were Primary teachers we could not help but snap secret pics of our little Sunbeams during Primary. They were just soooo cute!


I miss being in Primary.

Back in September I posted about Josh giving me roses when I got my new job at Blue Sheep. I finally scrapped the pics!!


January Beading Beauties was the smallest turn-out yet. We might have to cancel or go to every other month! I think people are losing interest. No matter if 1 Beauty comes or 10, its still always fun!


I scrapped another Disneyland page FINALLY. It's officially been over a year since this trip to Disneyland, and it's still not done. Sheesh.


Cameron LOVES Tigger! I loved this paper, with the "springs". It was just too perfect for my Tigger page!!

And finally, the page I scrapped this morning. New Year's Eve!! :)


We had a really awesome New Year's Eve this year! So scrapping this page was fun!!

See! I told you I've been scrapping up a storm! I should start designing and stop playing!! hehe

See ya!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

{my new collab! (+ a freebie too!)}

It's finally time to show you my new collab kit!! Minna (MiraDesigns) and I teamed up to create "Crazy Little Thing Called Love".

It's seriously jam-packed with TONS of papers, elements, & THREE alphas! "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is available HERE exclusively at

Here are some detail shots for ya.

And a better look at the FAB papers.

Since the kit is so huge, we decided to offer it separately as a paper pack, and element pack as well!!

Here's a LO scrapped with it:

And a fun LO that Marci scrapped:

And because we love our blog readers, and want them to have even MORE "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", Minna and I are giving away this little add-on for free!

You can download it here. Be sure you say hi when you download!

ENJOY! xoxo

Monday, January 28, 2008

{weekend spoils and a team blog freebie}

I had lots of down-time this weekend, and scrapped a lot! Here are the spoils . . .

First I scrapped a CT LO for scraphead using products by Flergs. Gotta love the Flergs. Oh, and I also entered this into a challenge at SSD where they challenged us to do lots of journaling. Something that wasn't hard for me. I love to journal my pages!! HAHA


I scrapped another CT Lo for scraphead using some brand new Valentine products by Maura Zimmer.


These are pics from our anniversary trip to California!!

I scraplifted a paper LO and came up with this page of pics from by 27th birthday party last month! It's a CT LO for Shandy Vogt.


OHH!! And I scrapped this LO for a the Quick Page exchange at ScrapMatters!! Check out the exchange! At the end of the month you get ALL the QPs that everyone has done!


And here's the QP I made out of my LO!

And finally, I scrapped another Thanksgiving page, eventually I'll get all of Thanksgiving scrapped!!


Ok - those are my weekend spoils!! And. . . I have some exciting news. I have designed a collab kit with an AMAZING designer, I won't tell you who yet! It's Valentine's themed, sort of, with a lot of funk! Here's a little teaser!!

I can't WAIT to show you the whole thing, its awesome!! :) As soon as I can show it to you, I will!!

And finally, just wanted to give you a head's up that there's a SWEET fasteners freebie on the Team Blog today!! Fasteners donated by almost all the ScrapMatters designers!!

Go get it HERE. Leave some love on the Team Blog if you download it!! :)

Well, have a lovely Monday!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Alrighty, its Friday and it seems like I always have so much to post on Friday!

Where to begin . . . let's start with the Show-Offs! is being stupid today, so no fancy slideshow like last week!

Good on you girls for being a Show-Off! You are all getting my brand new release, "Neat & Tidy" template pack! (if you haven't received an email from me with the prize, let me know)


My "Neat & Tidy Template Pack" is available NOW at ScrapMatters and Scraphead.

Aren't they fun??! I should have some LOs scrapped up with them as examples VERY soon. :)

So - yeah, make sure you send me a Show-Off for next Friday to get a goodie yourself. Don't know what a Show-Off is? Well, you just email me the link or the LO using ANY product of mine, freebies, templates, a tiny little staple, anything. And on Friday I show you off and give you a prize. It's as easy as that! So send in those LOs before next Friday to designerbrittney at gmail dot com!

Next item of business, my fabulous friend and fellow CT member at scraphead, Kara Swanson, emailed me and asked if she could create some Quick Pages using my new kit "Lil' Brudder". I did the happy dance and said YES OF COURSE!! Kara is super talented and I was so flattered she wanted to do some QPs with MY kit! Look how FABULOUS they turned out!!

They are available exclusively at scraphead! Thanks Kara!! YOU ROCK!

And last but DEFINITELY not least . . . .

ScrapMatters is having a CT Call! Yep! It's time again to hunt down some fabulous scrappers for our team. Our current CT's contracts are up and we are sad to see them go, but we are also very excited for some new blood to join the team! (a little shout out to Scrappy Blue Stones and her new kit "Blue Storm"! I scrapped the ad with it and it rocks!)

(click image)

As the ad states CT Requirements Are:

*a 6 month contract
*4 LOs a month
*occasionally contribute to the Team Blog (as a writer, challenge host, etc.)
*participate in the forum and gallery
*and generally promote ScrapMatters (on your blogs and stuff like that)

You can apply for a spot by emailing the following to andilynn at scrapmatters dot com:

1) a link to your most complete and best gallery
2) a link to your blog or homepage
3) your username and a link to the site you are most active in
4) a short paragraph telling us a little about YOU

In return for all your work on the CT, you will get full access to our shop!! With all our new designers and constant new merchandise, this is a KILLER deal! You will get all my new stuff, as well as all the other designers at SM. You have until Monday, February 11th to apply!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

{Need a good laugh? And my Show-Off reminder}

Ok - so who needs good laugh today?!

He was injured. Injured bad. Oh my gosh. This kid is a crack up!!

Anyway - just had to share! I thought it was pretty hilarious.

And just a reminder that tomorrow I will be doing my "Show-Offs". If you have a LO with anything of mine in it, including my freebies, email me the layout or a link to the LO today!! Actually, anytime between now and tomorrow morning! designerbrittney at gmail dot com. You'll be a show-off and you'll get a prize!!

See you tomorrow for the show-offs and with a new product to premiere!


(Go ahead, you know you want to watch that video again!! haha!!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

{lyrical freebie}

My sister-law-Marci wrote a GREAT little article on the ScrapMatters team blog all about using song lyrics and song titles in our scrapping. And I got to create a "Lyrical" for her to give away!!

Get it here! xoxo

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

{scrap-by numbers]

We're scrappin' by numbers this week at ScrapMatters! I'm hosting a fun little challenge using today's date: 1/22/08.

1 photo
2 or more alphas
2 word title exactly
0 ribbons or wraps
8 flowers or more!

Fun, huh??

Here's my scrap-by-numbers LO.

I used this new kit "Love Letter" by Scrappy Blue Stones. LOVE this kit!! Anyway - come play along and Scrap-by-Numbers!! You might win a gift certificate. I'm picking 1 favorite and then doing a random drawing and both scrappers will win a $5 gift certificate! Plus our Creative Team scrapped a BUNCH of awesome LOs to get you inspired. You can check out here.

So . . . today was quite momentous. Don't judge me - but today we FINALLY dragged our cripsy dead Christmas tree out of our house to a city Christmas Tree dumpster. Yes, its January 22nd and we are just now getting rid of our tree. Yikes. Talk about a fire hazard. But its done and gone. Whew!!!

Guess what . . . tomorrow I'm going to have a freebie for ya! So come back on Wednesday!


Monday, January 21, 2008

{f is for . . .}

F is for . . .


Remember Felicity? Oh man. I loved that show. No, I still LOVE that show. I own all the seasons on DVD. That show . . . it was a part of me. I know that sounds really ridiculous, but it really was! And, if you know Felicity, you know if you were a Ben or a Noel. I was 110% a Noel. Noel was who she was supposed to BE WITH!!!! I swore I would find myself a Noel. and my mom. being the caring and protective mom she is, told me not to get my hopes too set on a Noel, because mostly he was a fictitious character and there weren't many real-life Noels out there. Well . . . turns out she was right, there aren't many. But I got lucky. I got Josh and he IS sooooo a Noel. He's BETTER than a Noel! He's everything that Noel was and more.

Anyway - Felicity is amazing. I just looked it up and its been off the air for almost 6 years now!! WHAT?! That can't be right! I was into Felicity right as I was graduating high school and going to college. Just like Felicity. Only she led a MUCH more exciting and dramatic life in New York City than I was living in Utah and Seattle. I feel like Felicity (and Keri Russell in general) is this long lost friend of mine. Haha. Ok - I'm out-dorking myself here. Time to stop typing!

Peace out. Good night!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

{2-Pagers & a freebie alert}

My first set of 2-Pager templates are finally done and in the stores!!

Available at ScrapMatters AND Scraphead!!

And here they are in action . . .

Also wanted to quickly share a couple CT LOs I did this weekend.

First one is with Flerg's Rough & Tumble kit.


And this one is for Shandy's CT. I dug out some pics from the summer of '06! :)


And, as the title says, I have a freebie alert! It's actually a BIG one!! There are two REALLY big freebies at ScrapMatters right now. The links to get 'em are on the Team Blog. So go check it out!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

{new products, show-offs & a big sale announcement}

It's Friday morning and outside my window the snow is falling soft and slow. It's like a movie!! It's a gorgeous winter morning here in Utah. Sure, its going to make the drive to work this afternoon slippery, but from the comfort of my desk its very pretty!! :)

Warning! This is going to be a LONG blog post!! There's a lot to announce today!!

First of all, I'm releasing some great new kits today!!

Lil' Brudder

This kit coordinates with an add-on called . . .

Called to Serve Add-On Mini

("Called to Serve Add-On Mini", along with "Lil' Brudder" can make one mega missionary-themed kit.)

And I loved the alpha SOOO much I decided to make it separate as well. So you can get just the fab alpha if you want.

I asked a few friends to scrap some LOs using my new kits and man did they come through for me!! Check it out!

Morgan scrapped some soooo sweet Daddy swing photos with Lil' Brudder! I knew Morgan would find the feminine side of this kit!

Marci got inspired to start scrapping a missionary scrapbook for Christian! Look how young he looks!! :) And she really rocked this kit!

And Danica added a little red to the mix, along with my Glitzy Sticker Alpha and some of my other kits and made this fun Pepsi 2-page LO!!

Finally, here are my own LOs. My own 'lil' brudder', Scotty, is now serving a mission and this is when he opened the call!

And last year we had a little trip to Laramie, Wyoming to see my other lil' brudder Chad graduate from Wyo-Tech and to pack him up and bring him HOME!!

(Both of these two-page LO's are coming out in template form VERY VERY soon. So watch for those!!)

Ok - so I know you're thinking, Brittney, where can I get these fabulous kits?!! Well, of course they are at ScrapMatters and Scraphead.

And here's some exciting news!! ScrapMatters is having a BIG "NEW" sale!! Everything that's new in the store since January 1st, including all of this new products, as well as my "Life's a Party" kit and my "Lots-o-Clusters Template Pack" are 30% off Friday thru Monday. Then they move to 20% off.

(click image to enlarge)

And, I'll give you a little tip. Before you go to the shop, I'd check out the Team Blog for another little surprise!!

Again, a big thanks to my friends for helping me show-off my cute new products!! BIG HUGS!!!!

Ok - so it's Friday, which means its time for SHOW-OFFS!

Congratulations, girls! Just for being a Show-Off, you all got my brand new kit, "Lil' Brudder" as your show-off gift! Enjoy! If you haven't received an email from me with your gift link, let me know!!!

A new round of Show-Offs starts today. Email me those Show-Off LOs at designerbrittney at gmail dot com before midnight on Thursday, and you'll get a little goodie again next week. You only have to use one item from Britt-ish Designs in your LO for it to count. And you can enter every week if you like! Let's see you show-off!!!

Whew!! That was a marathon blog post!! Now I'll let you go, cuz I know you want to go shop that sweet ScrapMatters sale!!

Have a fun Friday!! :) Thanks for stoppin' by!



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