Sunday, January 13, 2008

{e is for . . . }

For my newer blog readers, I took the idea from another scrapper/blogger to go from A to Z with photos and things about me. We're up to E now. There's no rhyme or reason for when I decide to do a letter! It's just whenever it strikes me! :) hehe

E is for . . .

every week.

Last year my new year's resolution was to type a journal entry every week and at the end of the year have it made into a book. That developed into what I call a digi-journal. I scrap each journal entry. Sometimes I need more than one page per week, especially when I go on a trip or something. And then some weeks don't have a single photo and are pretty short entries.

Anyway - I'm HOOKED. I love my digi-journal!! So my scrapping goal for this year is to do it again!! But my resolution is to KEEP UP!! I got a little behind scrapping the pages last year and now its taking some time to get it scrapped and finished so I can get the book made!!! This year I have to keep up!!

Coincidentally, e is also for elephant!


This the first page I've been brave enough to scrap from my trip to Disneyland this summer. Like I've said before, scrapping my Disneyland pages stresses me out because I want them to be PERFECT. But I always have a good time scrapping them when I do it, so I just need to get over my nervousness and scrap them all!!! Haha.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend. We are having a VERY nice, relaxing weekend. It's nice to not have too much going on! :) FOR ONCE!!


  1. OMGosh! I LOVE this idea. First thing I thought when I glanced at your photo of your journalling pages was WOW!, look at all that journalling!! :D That's my one of my biggest weakness with scrapbooking; I'm not very good at journalling.

  2. I love your elephant page! I like the purple mickey paper, and the purple Alpha... it's so cute!

  3. I loved the elephant page! The glitter on fly alpha is awesome.
    Great template up there too. It´s kinda in the size I make my printing stuff here.



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