Friday, February 29, 2008

{show-offs, grab bag, & sayonara!!}

First things first. Let's give the Show Offs their moment of glory!

Every week I'm just in awe at the amazing things the Show Offs email me. Thanks for being show-offs girls! Your gift this week is my brand new grab bag! ENJOY!

If you want to be a show-off, just email me a LO (or link to a LO) using ANY Britt-ish Designs product, no matter how small. Then on Friday I will show you off and give you a gift!

So you know what that means, my GRAB BAG is up at ScrapMatters RIGHT NOW!!

Inside you'll find some awesome ALL NEW products (7 new products to be specific)!!! And its only 3 bucks! 

To show you a little bit of what's inside (I like to give hints to my blog readers) here are a few LOs using some of the grab bag products.

Ok first here are two from me.  I have to preface and say that there are NOT specifically Christmasy things inside the grab bag.  I just pulled out the reds and greens for these two LOs!

For "Goofy Gifts" I used my "Do Me a Solid" paper pack, and staples and snowflakes from "Snowbound". Everything else is from the grab bag.

And for "Me & You" I used my new "In Stitches: Basics", some "Do Me a Solid" papers again, flowers and gems from "It's Christmas Time in the City" and everything else is from the grab bag.

Danica scrapped this TOTALLY adorable 2-page LO. The alpha, star, scalloped border and sunflowers are from "Dreams Do Come True" but everything else is grab bag goodies.

And last but not least, Kate was so sweet and scrapped this AWESOME LO using almost ALL grab bag goodies. Everything except the alpha is from the grab bag!

So, there are some good examples of the CUTE things you'll find in my grab bag!! :) Also, there are other great grab bags from all the other fab SM Designers too. So go to the shop and 'grab' 'em all while you can!

AND everything at ScrapMatters (excluding the grab bags) is 40% off TODAY ONLY!!!!! So, if you've had your eye on some of my stuff, TODAY is the day to get it. It doesn't usually get discounted this much, so take advantage of this smokin' deal!! Have fun shopping!

Well, that's all the "business" I have to post today. I have to go tidy up a bit, finish packing a few things and then we are OUTTA HERE!!  


I can't wait!  I'll have lots of photos and stories to share when I get back. I probably won't have much internet access but I do have email on the old blackberry, so I'm still reachable.

Have a happy weekend everybody!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

{so excited . . . }

Tomorrow is going to ROCK! I have been waiting for Friday all week. 1) I get to release my GRAB BAG and 2) we are leaving for DISNEYLAND!!! It's been the longest week! I feel like Monday was forever ago.

Anyway - here's a couple LOs. One I've been working on for a couple days (way longer than I usually work on a page) and the other I did today.

Here's the one that's been in the works since Monday.


It's my second page for the "Tell Your Story" challenges at SSD. It's so much fun! My mom was nice enough to scan a couple pics of my old house and tell me a little more about our move to Roy. I am LOVIN' this project!

And here's pics from the Valentine's we just had!!


Aww . . . aren't we cute?!

Well, its about time for young womens. I guess I better go get ready.

Ohhhh . . . wait just a minute. I keep forgetting to post this!! VERY exciting news! We found a new house to rent and we are officially moving!! In just over two weeks!! Look at our new house! Isn't it cute?!??

It's like the cutest little 50s red brick house ever! We are soooo excited and happy! So its moving central as soon as we get back from Disneyland!!

Ok I really do have to go get ready for mutual now. It's probably my last activity before we move.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

{finally got some scrapping done}

YAY! Two LOs to share really quick! It's past my bed time!!

A CT LO for the fabulous Shandy Vogt.


And a LO for the Hawt Mama Team Blog challenge over at Traci Reed's!


Short and sweet!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

{scotty boy}

We just got a great email and some pics and even some sound clips from my brother Scotty who's on a mission in Chile. He is doing so great! He loves the missionary work he is doing and it sounds like he is making some big headway with speaking the language there. He sent this sweet photo home and I just had to share it.

This is Scotty looking through an album of pictures from our January 2007 family trip to Disneyland. Josh and I made it for him for his birthday to take on his mission so he could look at these pics and remember our fun trip. In his sound clips he sent home he said he was looking through his Disneyland album and feeling homesick. I sort of feel bad. We didn't give it to him to make him homesick for us!! :( Even though he says he is homesick, he says that when he steps out the door and goes to work the homesickness goes away.

Anyway - he's doing great and we miss him as much, if not more than he misses us!! :)

Oh hey, just a reminder to get your show-offs emailed in before Friday! :)

Also - don't know if you heard or read about it on the Team Blog but there's a great sale coming up this weekend at ScrapMatters. We're all getting some SWEET grab bags together for you! My grab bag is pretty much done now, and its seriously BURSTING with goodies. I think I put too much in it, but OH WELL! :) You'll definitely want to pick it up! Watch for that on Friday. Click here and learn more about the "Leap Year" sale coming up!

I caught myself a nice little cold in the last few days and I think I might have given it to Josh! I hope we can both get over it WAY FAST so we can be all better for our trip to Disneyland that startsthis weekend!!! I can't wait!!! I need a vacation SO BAD!!! It's going to be so fun! I was talking to Shari today and she said, "You don't ever get sick of that place, huh?" And I just had to laugh! I said, "NOPE! I keep waiting for the love to die out a bit, but it NEVER DOES!". I just can never get enough Disneyland! :) I am planning on coming home all inspired to create my next big magical kit!

Because I've been so busy with the grab bag and tons of other stuff I haven't had ANY time to scrap for so long! :( Maybe I'll get feeling better tonight and I can find some scrap time.

I'm going to crawl back in bed now. I gotta get feelin' better.

Friday, February 22, 2008

{keeping you in stitches}

The "In Stitches" packs are up in the stores!!

"in stitches: the basics" - ScrapMatters or scraphead

"in stitches: wacky" - ScrapMatters or scraphead

Or get both and save!!

"in stitches: duo pack - ScrapMatters or scraphead

Hope you like 'em!!

{biggest show-offs ever & new "in stitches"}

Hey there!!  Let's start right off with this week's show-offs.  I was a little worried our numbers would be small this week since a couple of my regular show-off girls are now on the SM CT and wouldn't be showin' off for the goodies anymore, but boy was I wrong!  This is the most show-offs I've ever had and they are all just GORGEOUS LOs!!  See for yourself . . . 

Girls, watch for an email from me with your gift links. :) I'm just soooo excited about how many FABULOUS scrappers showed off this week! Each of you are getting my brand new "In Stitches: Wacky".

It's not even in stores yet!! You Show Offs are the VERY first people to get them and use them! :) They should be in stores VERY soon!!

If you want a gift for youself, make sure you email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) your LOs using ANY product (freebie or not) by Britt-ish Designs. It can be anything from a template, a kit, or even just one little staple! :) hehe But email them to me each week before midnight on Thursday, and on Friday, I'll be showing you off!! :)

Also coming soon to the shops is "in stitches: basics".

Between these two packs you'll have enough stitches for every LO you ever do! haha. In fact, why not buy them both together and save??

"In stitches: duo pack"

As soon as these awesome stitch packs have been loaded into ScrapMatters and scraphead, I'll post and let you know!! It should be soon.

Well . . . hope everyone has a great Friday. I'm going to lunch in a bit with my good friend Angie, and then to work at the screen printers. I wish I could stay home and work on my new kit, but alas, its not to be.

Oh, I just realized I never posted this LO I did a few days ago here on the blog.


This is my brother and his wife 2 Christmases ago. She was expecting her daughter Eden and Christian surprised her with this gorgeous white rocking chair! It was such a sweet memory!! :)

Anyway - I guess that's it. Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

{I love my mom}

Scrapped this tonight and wanted to share. I just love my mom. She has always told me since I was a baby that we were going to be best friends and we totally are. She wanted that kind of relationship with me and really made that clear to me my entire life. And I'm so so blessed because of it! For example, I remember being like 12 or something and being at a family gathering of some sort and hearing my teenage cousins sass their mom or say something bratty to her right in front of everyone and me and my mom would look at each other with our mouths hanging open and say to each other that we were way too good of friends to do anything like that.

Ok I'm gettin' all misty here. Let's just show the LO and say goodnight.


Good night!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

{I'm Elizabeth Bennet}

I found this quiz on Rachel Young's blog and I LOVE Jane Austin so I quickly took this quiz! I was soooo happy that I was Elizabeth Bennet. "She's one of the greatest and most complex characters ever written". :) Which Jane Austin heroine are you??

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!


Great free template on the SM Team Blog today. Teresa is hosting a new template challenge and she even spotlighted my new "Dreams Do Come True" kit a little. So sweet of her!! :) If you haven't started reading the Team Blog daily, I highly recommend it. There's always goodies, and tips, and tutorials and fun stuff going on over there!!

Anyway - here's the LO I did for her template challenge. Josh grew out a beard before Christmas and then when he decided to shave it left a mustache for 1 day.


Josh, thanks for being such a good sport and letting me post this! :) xoxo

A few more LOs to share.

My family likes to play BINGO. My mom started it and I think its REALLY fun! :) I used Andilynn Design's new "Way Yo Be(e)" kit for this LO. Yellow is so fun!!


I did this LO for the brand new challenge at scraphead hosted by Erica! It was so much fun! You have to have "something old", which she said should be older photos that you've been wanting to scrap. These are pics from just ONE week after our first date!! You had to have "something new",which she said should be some new products. I used a new kit by Isyndra called "Happy Kiss". Something stacked (nope, not borrowed), and something blue. :) FUN!


Scrapped another Disney page!!


And finally finished the 2nd page of this 2-pager!! I did the first one a while ago, but just finished the other side.


Isn't it so fun to be able to share our pages so easily with family and friends? It's one of my FAVORITE things about digi-scrapping. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ok before I get to my big oops, I want to say a big HUGE WELCOME to our new CT over at ScrapMatters!

How exciting!  Our new CT is HUGE!!!  I can't wait to see what they create and I am so looking forward to working with all of them!!  We were just so thrilled with all the talent that applied!  Woo hoo!!!!

Ok - my big oops!  It was brought to my attention today (thanks Jennifer) that somehow the "dreams do come true" word art border is NOT in the download in the shop!   AHHHHH!!!!  I feel so horrible about this!

Download the missing PNG here!!!

Even if you didn't purchase the mega-kit, feel free to download this. I'm going to be posting this download here and in both shop's forums and just hope that many of you who bought "Dream Do Come True" will be able to get it.  The zip folders are being updated and the problem fixed for those who purchase it in the future.  SO SORRY!!!!  Hope y'all don't hate me.

And in an attempt to distract you from hating me, let me show you some ADORABLE LO's from some awesome ScrapMatters team members!

Shari scrapped this AWESOME 2-pager with "Dreams Do Come True".

Marci scrapped this really adorable Disney LO with the "Happiest Kit on Earth" freebie and "Dreams Do Come True".

Isn't this so cute?! So perfect!!!

She also scrapped this one using "Life's a Party" and "C'mon Get Happy" and a bunch of other stuff of mine.

Marci is so good! WOW.

Ok - and finally three LOs by brand new CT members. The first two used "Missed the Bus".

One by Jeni (j_hopewell):

Isn't this so cute?? I LOVE how she did the title and how she stapled all the ribbons down. So creative!

And this one by Kate (kateypie):

I LOVE how she used the patterned paper. I'm a big chicken, and tend to stick to the solids. She just ROCKED this kit!!

And last but not least, Stacy (shutch) scrapped this one with "Dreams Do Come True".

I would have NEVER thought of layering the flowers like this or using the ribbon corners to accent the alpha like this! I just LOVE seeing how people think to use stuff. It's so inspiring!!

Ok - hope that was enough of a distraction! :)

Time to turn in! See ya.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

{LO Share}

Hello . . . just wanted to share a few LOs.  I think I'm addicted to challenges these days.  I feel like they make me a better scrapper.  It's so FUN to do challenges!

At The Sweet Shoppe they are doing a "Tell Your Story" challenge series where you'll get a prompt for each challenge for some sort of memory through your life.  In the process you will create this book all about your life.  I want to have this for my future kids!  It will be so fun for them to read about my life in my own words.   Anyway - the first one was the beginning of your story.  My birth.  I called my mom and made sure I got all the details.  I even learned a couple new things I didn't know.

When I went to start I realized I didn't have any baby kits cuz I don't ha
ve any babies!  So I had to make due.  :)
Leah is hosting a really fun challenge at scraphead where you have to use a white paper, a black and white photo, TONS of negative space with color splashes around the photo.  

It was hard to leave so much space, but I actually love how it came out!  So different for me.  See how challenges make me grow! :)
This last one is my entry for this week's DigiDare.  We are supposed to scrap 
a Valentine's Day memory.  This was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.  Aww . . . 

My cousin Morgan, her husband Josh and their ADORABLE little girl Gracelyn came from Pheonix and stayed with us this weekend!! We all went o
ut to dinner last night and then they slept over and then this morning we got up early and went to the zoo.  Yep, you can go to the zoo in the winter-time.  It was a little cold, but not too bad.  We had a great time!! :)  I miss them so much and it was WAY too short of a visit.

So . . . I've been thinking about this ever since I watched "You've Got Mail" on Valentine's Day.  It is the BEST movie!!  It's perfect. It's a BIG favorite of me and my mom.  She actually might love it more than me!  I can't even tell you how many times I've seen it.  Anyway - if you haven't seen it in a while, pull it out!   It's the BEST!!!   

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