Saturday, February 16, 2008

{LO Share}

Hello . . . just wanted to share a few LOs.  I think I'm addicted to challenges these days.  I feel like they make me a better scrapper.  It's so FUN to do challenges!

At The Sweet Shoppe they are doing a "Tell Your Story" challenge series where you'll get a prompt for each challenge for some sort of memory through your life.  In the process you will create this book all about your life.  I want to have this for my future kids!  It will be so fun for them to read about my life in my own words.   Anyway - the first one was the beginning of your story.  My birth.  I called my mom and made sure I got all the details.  I even learned a couple new things I didn't know.

When I went to start I realized I didn't have any baby kits cuz I don't ha
ve any babies!  So I had to make due.  :)
Leah is hosting a really fun challenge at scraphead where you have to use a white paper, a black and white photo, TONS of negative space with color splashes around the photo.  

It was hard to leave so much space, but I actually love how it came out!  So different for me.  See how challenges make me grow! :)
This last one is my entry for this week's DigiDare.  We are supposed to scrap 
a Valentine's Day memory.  This was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.  Aww . . . 

My cousin Morgan, her husband Josh and their ADORABLE little girl Gracelyn came from Pheonix and stayed with us this weekend!! We all went o
ut to dinner last night and then they slept over and then this morning we got up early and went to the zoo.  Yep, you can go to the zoo in the winter-time.  It was a little cold, but not too bad.  We had a great time!! :)  I miss them so much and it was WAY too short of a visit.

So . . . I've been thinking about this ever since I watched "You've Got Mail" on Valentine's Day.  It is the BEST movie!!  It's perfect. It's a BIG favorite of me and my mom.  She actually might love it more than me!  I can't even tell you how many times I've seen it.  Anyway - if you haven't seen it in a while, pull it out!   It's the BEST!!!   


  1. I love that show too - it was on TV here a few weeks ago and I had forgotten how much I realy like it. Thanks for all your inspiring LOs - I love the idea of scrapping your life, I may have to check that out.

  2. Great Lo's britt! I love the valentine's day one! Great job!! So I didn't know Morgan was here! You should have called me!! Christian's out of town this weekend!!

  3. Love your layouts! Isn't it great how challenges challenge us? Lol! Hey I have a birth story blog, I was wondering if you'd mind me posting your birth layout on there? It's totally up to you though, no pressure!

  4. That "Tell Your Story" challenge sounds like a great idea. And I love the LO you made for it. You really look a lot like your mom when she was young. Love your other LOs too! :)

  5. The page about your birth is beautiful! Seriously, you are so talented!! And you look soo much like your mom- what fun!
    Thanks for inspiring me with your work.


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