Friday, March 21, 2008

{another week of show offs, & 2 ways to win free stuff!}

(**note - if you came here lookin' for the "Sunshine Sweets" freebie, scroll down to the previous post!!**)

THIRTEEN amazing LOs to Show Off this week!! Here we go . . .

Now, if you sent me a Show Off and it wasn't in this slideshow, never fear! Just shoot me a quick email and I'll correct my error!! As I wasn't home all week organizing the Show Off emails as they came in, was a little trickier than usual. So its just my dumb mistake if you were omitted!! I hope I got everyone, but I'm not perfect!

Anyway - all the Show Offs are getting my brand spanking new template pack called "Don't Hold Back". I created a couple brand new templates as well as used a couple of my own favorite LOs and made them into templates. I hope you all like them!!

They are up at scraphead, but not up at ScrapMatters yet. When they are at SM, I'll let you know!! :)

If you want to be a Show Off and get a little Britt-ish Designs gift next week, just email me a LO using ANY Britt-ish Designs product, a template, a freebie, even a little staple, ANYTHING.  Then on Friday I'll show you off and email you a gift!  It's as easy as that.  Two new things I'm asking for show offs to do:

1) when you send the email, please make the subject line of your email "Show Off" and
2) make sure to send a "Saved for Web" version of your page.

I'm getting more and more Show-Offs these days and I want the process to be as easy as possible and I don't want to forget anyone by accident! So by doing these two things I think it will really help the weekly process!!! THANKS!

I don't feel like I gave my new little product last week it's due. My "Glitzy Wordlettes" pack is up at both ScrapMatters and scraphead.

They are fun glittery word stickers and I used them on this LO and I think they worked out so cute!! (plus, they're only 2 bucks!)

I actually did this LO for a really fun challenge at ScrapMatters hosted by the lovely miss Happy Scrap Girl. It's a 1-Hour challenge. You have exactly 1 hour to complete your LO along with a couple other fun rules thrown in there. Check out the 1-Hour Challenge here. But anyway - aren't the Glitzy Wordlettes fun?!

Oh yeah!  Want a chance to win a FREE kit from me?!  Dacia is hosting a little mini-challenge on the Team Blog and I've donated two kits for two winners.  Any kit they want.  So yeah, if you'd like a kit from me, enter Dacia's Color Theory challenge! It's easy.  You just read her article about color combinations, and then try out one of them!   I did a complimentary color scheme using blue and orange!  It was really fun and I LOVE how it turned out!!!!

Anyway - there are some great ways to win some free stuff!! :) haha

That's it for now!  Have a wonderful Friday!!


  1. AWESOME LO's!! THanks for the fun free templates, Brittney!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I have lots of LOs to send to you. But I forget. lol Great layouts. Yours are wonderful. I need to lift them

  4. Britt those are some great new pages! I love the bacci one! I tagged you on my blog!!!


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