Tuesday, March 25, 2008

{free mini-kit for challenge participants}

Hi there! Well, another challenge has begun at ScrapMatters and this one has a participation gift designed by yours truly. So if you want this mini-kit for free . . . .

Then click HERE and do the fun challenge! It's simple and not only will you get this free kit, you also might win a $5 GC too. Two LOs will win a GC in addition!!

Fun, huh??

Ok I will leave you with a teaser. I've been hard at work (finally) on another big mega kit that is definitely magical in a fun, bold way!!

Coming soon . . . heeehee!! I can't wait!

Have a good night! (Don't worry Marci, I haven't forgotten that you tagged me! I just don't have time right now!!)


  1. SUPER cute mini kit! I saw this on the blog today and I love it! :) Fun!

  2. Awesome! Another MAGICAL kit??? I can't wait!! Any chance it will be out by Friday? I'm starting work on a "magical" trip album this weekend and I already have all of your other magical stuff! I can't WAIT to see this one!!!

  3. Yes labdogs, if everything goes according to plan, it should be out on Friday!

  4. SO CUTE! I love all of your kits, you are seriously the best!! :)

  5. cute Britt I can't wait to see your new kit!

  6. I love the mini kit, too, but it seems like the challenge in the link it over :( Is there another way to get the mini kit?

  7. cute Freebie!! And I'm so excited for your new kit!! From the little bit, it looks awesome!


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