Sunday, March 23, 2008

{happy easter!!}

Ok so there's a little quiz that tells you what kind of egg you are. It's like the shortest quiz ever, but the results are funny! Just answer the one question and trust the psychic energy to tell you correctly what kind of egg you are.

I am a Hand Painted Egg

Classy and gorgeous - with attention to every detail.

Pretty funny. Anyway - just wanted to wish everyone a VERY happy Easter Sunday! With the house in boxes, and being SOOOO busy, not to mention poor, there are no Easter baskets or goodies or the usual treasure hunt going on at our house this year. It just feels like any other Sunday so far. After church and dinner at both parents' houses I'm sure things will start to feel Eastery.

A couple LOs to share. Wanna see what a mess moving was last weekend??

And some pics from when I finally finished the Christmas cards!


Well, I better go find some church clothes to wear! I'm telling you, EVERYTHING is in boxes! Argh!!!


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  1. Happy Easter! Love your layouts.. I agree, moving does suck but I really love the nesting part afterwards, where you slowly transform the new place into your own space. I love that feeling. And I agree about Christmas cards (go digi!) and I was dismayed this year to find so many people didn't bother.. it was a bit sad really.


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