Friday, April 18, 2008

{CLEARLY its time to show off}

Hello! It's Friday and that means a new product and show offs!! My new product this week is just a little alpha I put together. Something fun that I wanted for myself (I'm so selfish!). I'm loving using clear epoxy elements on my pages these days and I've been wanting a nice epoxy/acrylic/clear plastic blocky alpha to play with. So . . . here's "Clearly Alpha".  (and check out our new SM packaging!  nice right?)

It's avail. at ScrapMatters now!

As soon as I get some CT LOs using it, and as soon as I find time to scrap with it myself, I will post them. I've already played around with it and its so fun!

Ok . . . time for Show Offs!

This week's Show Off count - THIRTY ONE!!!!! I'm telling you, each week it just keeps getting bigger and bigger!! Granted, I did have multiple entries from a few people, but still . . .

All the Show Offs are receiving my new "Clearly Alpha" as a thank you for their layouts. If you want to be a show off and get a free goodie, just email me a LO using any item from Britt-ish Designs (freebies, templates, even one little staple) and I'll show you off next Friday. Just email me your LO before midnight next Thursday. When you send it use "show off" as your subject line and send a 600x600 saved for web (72 dpi) version of your LO so I can download it easily! With 31 emails, I gotta do this the easiest and most efficient way!

Well, that's it for today. Not as exciting as last week, but that's because I'm busy busy busy on other new stuff that's not ready yet. But watch for a bunch of fun new products next week!!!!!!

Oooh - I know! I'll leave you a LO I did yesterday.

I LOVE Fantasmic at Disneyland! For those of you who don't know, its this amazing show at night, starring my pal Mickey Mouse, that takes place all along the Rivers of America. It's incredible!!  And if you MADE me chose my favorite thing at Disneyland, I think I'd have to say Fantasmic. As hard as it is to pick something.

Alrighty - that's it. Have a happy weekend!!


  1. Wow some AMAZING stuff in Show Offs! Definitely a bunch of scrap lifting possibilities. Awesome LO's everybody!
    Thanks for the alpha's Britt!

  2. Love the LO britt! I Love the Alpha you used! So creative! So so cute!!!

  3. Thanks so much Britt! The show offs are great.

  4. Can't wait to see more LOs using the Clearly Alpha, Love your Disney Lo too!!


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