Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Got to take pictures of my friend Shantell's little Ethan this morning! It was so much fun! We ended up with SO many awesome shots!!

The little munchkin just started crawling!! He's only 6 months old! It's so crazy to see this little guy crawl! He's so tiny for that.

Hope you like the pics Shan. I think we got some good ones. There were like 20 more cute ones I could post! HAHA

It's my mom's b-day today! The big 5-0! Tell me this woman looks 50! WHATEVER!!

If anyone in this photo looks 50 its me. Or the lurker in the background! HAHA Happy Birthday Mom!!! I love you so much! I'm excited for dinner tonight!

That's all for now!  Peace out.


  1. That is a way cute picture of you and your mom!!! I love your new camera... and seeing the photos you take. You have SUCH a talent!!!!

  2. These pics look great! awesome! Your mom is definately NOT looking 50 AT ALL! She is so young!

  3. Thanks Britt I love them all! You are such a good friend to me! I love ya! Happy Birthday to your mom! I can't believe she's 50! She does not look 50 at all.

  4. Happy Bday to your mother, its a great picture of the two of you! The other pictures turned out great too!

  5. Happy B-day to your mom - hope I look that great at 50!

    Love your new camera - I've heard those 50mm 1.8F lenses are great too - but with the Nikon 40DX you have to manually focus the one Nikon makes - oh, well I hear it makes for GREAT pics and yours sure looks it.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mama!
    And you are right, there's NO WAY she looks 50!! You guys could be sisters!

    *Those photos are awesome! You are so's amazing!

  7. Happy birthday Britt's mom, she does look great for 50! Go check out The Loft's blog for some exciting news!

  8. Love the pictures of Ethan! What a cutie! Happy Birthday Margaret!


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