Friday, April 4, 2008

{new products, a CT shout out & the show-offs}

Good morning! Good moooooorning! (insert Debbie Reynolds' tune from Sining in the Rain here)! haha

Well, its Friday.  And there's always so much to post on the blog on FRIDAYS. I guess I'll start with the 4 new products I just put into the store.

First up, I guess this isn't NEW persay, but it was last week's participation prize for the challenge at SM.  If you missed it, don't worry.  It's available in the shop now. It's a mini-kit called "Springtime for Krista".

Next new product, straight from my pen to your screen, "Doodlie-Do: Shapes"!!

I LOVE to scrap with doodles! :)

I also have a new template pack! The next set in my 2-pager series, "2-Pagers: Set 2".

Fun huh? I'll be posting LOs with them sometime soon.

And last but not least, I created a really cute little 5x7 brag book using my "Lil' Brudder" kit! The "Lil' Brudder Brag Book" is my first brag book ever!

You like? We'll see how it does, maybe I'll do lots more brag books. It was a lot of fun to put together!! :)

And that's everything new!

I have a little shoutout for my girl Erica Zane!  She has this beautiful new kit out today called "Magical Escape" at snapandscrap!

Here's the LO I scrapped with it!  (WHAT A FUN AND GORGEOUS KIT TO WORK WITH!!)

Everything is from Erica's "Magical Escape" kit. See how good I'm getting at scrapping these treasured Disneyland moments!! I'm just diving in!  Doesn't that center photo look like it could be in a Disneyland brochure?!  

And now, time for the FABULOUS SHOW OFFS! NINETEEN of you were show offs this week and I couldn't be happier. It was so exciting as they just kept coming!! And I think this is the best week ever. So inspiring and so much talent to oooh and aaahhhh over. Take a look . . .

So - my show offs this week get their choice of any 1 of my 4 new products in the shop. So - send me an email and tell me what you want and its yours!!!

Want a gift for yourself next week? Just scrap a LO using ANY Britt-ish Designs product and email it to me. You'll be a show off next Friday and I'll send you a nice little gifty!!!

Alright - well I think that's about it. I have book club tonight and alas I have not finished the book yet, so that's where I'm headed - to the couch, to finish said book. This month it was my choice of book and we're reading "Three Weeks With My Brother" by Nicholas Sparks. It's soooooo good. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm LOVING IT!  See ya!


  1. Love all the show-offs.. aren't they great?!

    Yay for book clubs... I've read a few Nicholas Sparks books and I always enjoy them. I wanna be in a book club!! That might be something for the future.

  2. I LOVE YOUR TEMPLATES YAY!! They make is so I actually have time to scrap a little!

  3. Thanks so much Britt1 These layouts are great! I love your showw offs.

  4. Wow, you've been busy again! I'd like to see the day when I could create four new products in a week but with my speed I'm not sure if it will ever happen.. ;) And the LO you made with Erica's kit is really sweet!


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