Friday, May 30, 2008

{sprite & a freebie!)

Friday again?!  Already?! 

I'm pleased as punch (that's a weird saying) to introduce my very first collaboration with my friend Erica Zane! We went a little crazy and ended up with a mega-kit! Here's . . . .


. . . and its coordinating brag book!

For this week only when you purchase the mega-kit you'll get the brag book for free, included in your download.

So hurry and go take advantage of that while it lasts!!

Both my team and Erica's created some lovely page with "Sprite". From Erica's team:

~ Erica herself ~ (she scrapped THREE!!)

~ Mich ~

~ Bonnie ~

~ Denise ~

~ Margaret ~

From my team:

~ me ~

~ Kate ~

~ Ashley ~ (she scrapped TWO!)

Pretty fun huh? I was so amazed at the range of LOs these teams created!! So inspiring.

I ALSO have a new template pack out today. Those of you who know my LOs know that I'm sort of obsessed with "hanging" things lately. So I figured I'd just go with it!

"Hang 'Em High Templates"

Do these templates look familiar? Well its because I took them straight from some of my recent LOs, including today's "Sprite" LO!!

Erica somehow had time to create ANOTHER LO with "Sprite" AND my new templates! I don't know how she does it! She's incredible. Look how cute!!

Ok - whaddya say? Time for some showing off?

Thank you sooooo much to the Show Offs! You never cease to delight and amaze me! You're all getting my new "Hang 'Em High" template pack. I'll be emailing that out right after this post.

You can be a Show Off too you know? You just have to email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) a LO (saved for web 600x600) using ANY BD product, even freebies. Make "show off" your subject line so I don't miss your email. Can't wait to see who shows off this week!

(If by chance you notice your LO is not in the slide show of you don't get a gift email from me, email me and we'll straighten it all out)

And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST - your freebie! You didn't think I could make a fairy kit and not Tink it up a bit did you??

Download this freebie HERE and make sure to swing by Erica's blog for ANOTHER "Sprite" add-on freebie!!

And that's that!! Have a spectacular Friday!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

{OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!}

Ok - I JUST GOT THE COOLEST freakin' email.  Aaron (SirScrapalot Designs) just RAKed me his new "Digi Diva Girls: Playing Princess".

Isn't that so nice of him?? Are these not the CUTEST things you've ever seen?! I gasped SOOOO loud when I saw them in my inbox!! They are only $2.50! Go grab 'em!

Thank you thank you thank you Aaron! I am soooo excited! I can't WAIT to scrap with these!!!!!!!!

{sneak peek}

Hi!  So I can't help but show you a sneak peek at what's coming tomorrow!!  I joined forces with my pal Erica Zane and I think you're REALLY going to like what's coming. . . 

Yeah . . . I LOVE IT and I know you're going to as well.

A little CT work - Minna (Mira Designs) has an adorable new kit out called "Sweet n' Sassy".

And here's what I did with it!

She's even got a coordinating freebie on her blog if you want it!

I finally got to post about my Chipboard Album project I did for my mom and MIL!! It's on the ScrapMatters Team Blog right now. Go check it out and tell me what you think. I love how it turned out, no matter how much work it was!

I have a photo shoot with my nephews this afternoon, one of them has a birthday today so it's a birthday shoot. I'm really excited! Wish me luck! OK - busy busy busy! Gotta run. Thursdays are always hectic as I'm getting ready for Friday!!

See ya!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

{after Memorial Day . . . }

So, of course the past two days (AFTER Memorial Day) have been GORGEOUS.  Sunny, warm, beautiful. Go figure!!

For those of you who wondered, the Death Cab concert WASN'T rained out.  But because of the rain, hail, and lightning they made everyone sit outside, in the hugest line you can imagine, for TWO HOURS.  Luckily Josh and I went LATE in the hopes of missing the rain and maybe some of the opening acts.  We showed up (after a fun trip to IKEA and eating at my ALL-TIME favorite restaurant, Johnny Carinos) at 7:00 to find everyone still in line just to get in!!  It was so cold, and we were so fed up with the whole situation we ended up selling our tickets to someone else and going home.  I know, we are such big party poopers.  But neither of us were into it by that point, and we just felt like going home.  So we did!  

Speed Scrapping last night was a FUN ONE!! It's so fun to speed scrap.  Sort of like getting together with friends to scrap!  Here's what I ended up with!!

(full credits here)

Those of you who have been thinkin' about speed scrapping with us, come and try it!! If you end up not liking it, you'll know not to bother with it. But I have a feeling you'll have a blast! I'm getting better at it each week too!!

ALSO - there's a GREAT new Template Challenge going on at SM with a cute template by Kate. Here's my take on the template!!

(full credits here)

AND another LO I've done as well! I love this photo! Meeting Sorcerer Mickey was soooo exciting. I LOVE Sorcerer Mickey!! He's so cute!

(full credits here)

So I went out and took pictures yesterday. I feel like such a little photographer. :) It was a blast! I am really enjoying this whole photography thing!!

(Side note: I'm listening to my "Music from the Park" Disneyland CD right now and I just love it!! It's like being at Disneyland. In a small pathetic way. Yessssss!!!! Space Mountain just came on! My fave park music!!)

I found an AWESOME location to shoot and I've already scheduled a little photo shoot with my nephews for tomorrow! I can't WAIT!

Random moment - one of my ALL - TIME fave designers, Dani Mogstad, just put out this kit, "Her Royal Highness" with Emily Merritt! I don't even mind that her kit and mine have the same names. It makes me think my kit must be named well if Dani likes it well enough to name hers that!! hehe

Anyway - I'm TOTALLY droolin' over this kit!!

I LOVE those crowns, the awesome color scheme, and the alpha! Ooooh and all the flowers.  I love flowers!  Yes, this is on my "to-buy" list for sure!!!!!

Well, that's it from me today. See ya! :) :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

{happy memorial day}

Happy Memorial Day from rainy gloomy Utah! No fun outdoor activities on Memorial Day here!  From the safety of my covered patio, I took this photo.  There's something wrong with this picture, can you tell what it is?

Yes, it was hailing a few moments ago! While sprinklers are a normal Memorial Day occurance, the hail was not!

Josh and I have Death Cab for Cutie concert tickets tonight, but its an outdoor venue, so we're trying to figure out if its going to get rained out or what

We're having another speed scrap at SM tomorrow. I've been loving the speed scraps so I'm really excited. Katie's hosting and the prize is a mystery grab bag!! So that should be fun! Plus there will be two $5 GCs awarded. It's tomorrow at 8:00 Mountain Time. You can check out all the details here.

For those who are wondering, the cornbread recipe was a success. Eventually.

I cooked it for an hour and it seemed ok, but when we went to leave for my mom's house I noticed it was REALLY heavy. We got to my mom's house and I realized it was NOT fully cooked. We put it back in and kept testing it. Almost another hour later, the center STILL wasn't cooked! Randomly, Debbie, my mom's friend whose recipe I used, stopped by, so I asked her, "What the heck, Debbie!?".  She said that our higher altitude makes it cook slower. Anyway - it was time to eat, so we cut pieces from the sides and it was DELICIOUS!! But even after about two total oven hours the center never did cook. My mom and I decided to cook it in our Texas Sheet cake pans from now on and it would be perfect. Or in muffin tins would be good! Regardless of the battery center section, the outsides were AWESOME!!! (I wonder if maybe the temperature in the recipe she gave me is a typo!) Even if you don't like cornbread, try this recipe. It's sweet and delicious!!

Debbie's Cornbread Recipe:

1 cup margarine or butter
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
2 cups yellow cornmeal
3 cups flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
3 cups milk

Cream sugar and butter. Add eggs and beat. Stir in corn meal, then add rest of dry ingredients, alternating with milk. Pour into greased pan. Bake at 375 for 60 minutes or until toothpick or knife comes out clean. (<--- took me a LOT longer than this!!!)

I will definitely be making this again. It was so yummy!!

Ok - last thing to post about!! My good good friend Leslie and I are staring a photo-a-day blog to keep in touch and learn how to take better pictures! It's called "Photos Between Friends". We write and post to each other but we welcome visitors and love comments. Come over and watch us learn if you'd like.  I posted my photo already.  Les should be posting hers sometime today.

Well, hope you're having a great day!! I think I'm off to scrap a little!!! Bye!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

{blessing Sunday}

Here's the next page for my 52 blessings project.


This is one of my FAVORITE photos from our wedding.  I keep saying I want to have it blown up and framed but I haven't done it.  I really should!  I am really loving this blessing project. Thanks so much Ashley for introducing it to me.

A couple new scrapbook pages to post. This one I did with designs by krista's kit, "Giggles".


This one is for the new "Saturday Special" challenge at the SM Team Blog. It's called "8 Simple Rules" and its so fun!


And one more. At our Mother's Day family picnic in the park, I attempted to take photos of my nephews swinging and failed miserably! I really need more practice with my camera!! But anyway - these are the two shots I salvaged.


That's all from me today. I'm off to my mom & dad's house for our weekly Sunday dinner. I made cornbread for the very first time! If its any good I'll post the recipe tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

{happy birthday Tami}

It's my sister in law's birthday today.  Tami and I were friends before I met Josh.  It's BECAUSE of Tami that we met.  She introduced us.  

Anyway - I love you Tami and hope your birthday was the best!!!

(kit is Pop Rocks by Dani Mogstad)

Friday, May 23, 2008

{its a dreamy day} freebie alert!

Well, its Friday once again.  Wow, they come and go quickly! But I just love my Friday posts so lets get started.

First of all, let me introduce . . .

And let me show you the amazing LOs my little band of gypsies have created with it!!

Erica went above and beyond and scrapped THREE!!



and #3 is an invitation for a baby shower! Isn't this so cute?!

Ashley did double duty with TWO LOs (I'm so lucky to have such amazing girls on my team).



Morgan scrapped this GORGEOUS LO from her recent trip to San Diego!

And here are a couple by yours truly:

Also in the shop today . . .

"Label Tape Alpha"

and "You Can Quote Me: Shakespeare"

Let's watch this week's show off, shall we?

Awesome Show Offs this week! All the Show Offs get to pick any 1 of my alphas they would like. :) If you notice your LO is missing from the slideshow of you didn't get an email from me with your prize, email me!!  

Remember if you want to be a Show Off, just email me your LOs using ANY item from Britt-ish Designs (freebies, templates, even just a little stitch!) before midnight on Thursdays. Make your subject line "show off" and 'save for web' your LOs to about 600x600 (or 600x1200 for 2pagers). I love to see show offs so send 'em in!!

Ok - FREEBIE time. I made a little add-on for "I'm a Dreamer" (sorry to my DIS girls. You have a lot of this stuff already! But not all of it!!!).

Download HERE. Be sure to say hey if you grab it! 

Well, have a great Friday folks!! Josh and I are doing some birthday present shopping (we have so many family birthdays in MAY!!), some movie-seeing, and some out-to-dinnering tonight. I'm VERY excited. I look forward to our weekly dates so much!! See ya later!!

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