Wednesday, May 28, 2008

{after Memorial Day . . . }

So, of course the past two days (AFTER Memorial Day) have been GORGEOUS.  Sunny, warm, beautiful. Go figure!!

For those of you who wondered, the Death Cab concert WASN'T rained out.  But because of the rain, hail, and lightning they made everyone sit outside, in the hugest line you can imagine, for TWO HOURS.  Luckily Josh and I went LATE in the hopes of missing the rain and maybe some of the opening acts.  We showed up (after a fun trip to IKEA and eating at my ALL-TIME favorite restaurant, Johnny Carinos) at 7:00 to find everyone still in line just to get in!!  It was so cold, and we were so fed up with the whole situation we ended up selling our tickets to someone else and going home.  I know, we are such big party poopers.  But neither of us were into it by that point, and we just felt like going home.  So we did!  

Speed Scrapping last night was a FUN ONE!! It's so fun to speed scrap.  Sort of like getting together with friends to scrap!  Here's what I ended up with!!

(full credits here)

Those of you who have been thinkin' about speed scrapping with us, come and try it!! If you end up not liking it, you'll know not to bother with it. But I have a feeling you'll have a blast! I'm getting better at it each week too!!

ALSO - there's a GREAT new Template Challenge going on at SM with a cute template by Kate. Here's my take on the template!!

(full credits here)

AND another LO I've done as well! I love this photo! Meeting Sorcerer Mickey was soooo exciting. I LOVE Sorcerer Mickey!! He's so cute!

(full credits here)

So I went out and took pictures yesterday. I feel like such a little photographer. :) It was a blast! I am really enjoying this whole photography thing!!

(Side note: I'm listening to my "Music from the Park" Disneyland CD right now and I just love it!! It's like being at Disneyland. In a small pathetic way. Yessssss!!!! Space Mountain just came on! My fave park music!!)

I found an AWESOME location to shoot and I've already scheduled a little photo shoot with my nephews for tomorrow! I can't WAIT!

Random moment - one of my ALL - TIME fave designers, Dani Mogstad, just put out this kit, "Her Royal Highness" with Emily Merritt! I don't even mind that her kit and mine have the same names. It makes me think my kit must be named well if Dani likes it well enough to name hers that!! hehe

Anyway - I'm TOTALLY droolin' over this kit!!

I LOVE those crowns, the awesome color scheme, and the alpha! Ooooh and all the flowers.  I love flowers!  Yes, this is on my "to-buy" list for sure!!!!!

Well, that's it from me today. See ya! :) :)


  1. That Sunbeam LO is seriously awesome! Wow!! And love the photo you took in the car, it's so creative and has a great lighting! Can't wait to see your photos from the photo shoot too! :)

  2. So much fun to scrap with you last night!!
    And I love your car mirror shot- so creative!!!
    These LO's are FANTASTIC, as usual!
    YUM! We love Johnny Carino's too!!!

    (Could this comment be any more random??)
    PS...Great pic of the flag!

  3. So when are we having our Orem/Provo Speed crop!? :) It will be many moons of fun. Oh and I think we should get together and have lunch sometime... I'd love to get to know you better - see the designer first hand. As of yet, I'm just a blog stalker of yours and big fan. :)

  4. I LOVE your primary page! It makes me wish that I would have taken a picture of our class that we taught. So cute! I love the LO of Eden too. Good work my friend!

  5. So umm I thought I was the only crazy person in the world that bought the Disney theme park music! ROFL! Glad to know there are peeps in the world who "just understand" these thing :D


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