Tuesday, May 13, 2008

{i was tagged!}

My friend Shan tagged me! I usually fain ignorance on tagging, but this one seemed fun! haha

7 Things About Me

 1) Every time I cut my hair, I am sick of it and wished I hadn't and go back to my normal, long all one-length style that'd I've pretty much had all my life. I know its boring, but I think I've discovered that long, all one length is just ME.

2) I miss Disneyland almost every day. I'm an addict.

3) I'm finally making a decent living doing what I love. I started selling and designing Digi-Scrap products 7 months ago, and its taken that long to finally feel like, yes, this is what I do for a living. I'm so blessed and lucky to get to do it!!

4) I LOVE to color!!! Coloring is so much fun. I colored like crazy when I was a kid, and every once in a while I'll still pull out the coloring books and Crayolas (no other brand will do) and have some fun. My favorite coloring books are Barbie and My Little Pony. I like them best because I can decide what colors to color them. There's no right color for Barbie's outfit, you know? Whereas my Disney coloring books, I feel like I can't be creative enough, because Belle's hair is supposed to be brown and her dress is supposed to be yellow. That's not creative enough for me! HAHA!! And it's ALWAYS been this way, even I was kid!

6) I'm messy! I'm not naturally a neat person and I hate that. Although, thanks to our new house (which we have to take REALLY good care of or our landlord will FREAK) and to flylady, I'm getting better. The bed's been made every day for quite some time. My kitchen's been clean (thanks to help from Josh) for a long time and things are improving. But I'm not the most organized person but its something I'm working on!!

7) Last thing about me. Let's see . . . I LOVE NPR. National Public Radio. It's pretty much the only thing I ever have playing in my car. It's so interesting. I just love NPR. And I'm constantly bugging Josh with "I heard on NPR today that . . . " and "Guess what I learned on NPR today. . . " and "This guys on NPR was saying . . ." He's very patient!

Ok - there are 7 things about ME! Let's see. . . who shall I tag . . . I'll tag Morgan, Tami, and Andrea.

I'm so excited for the Speed Scrap at SM tonight! Andrea just announced what the participation prize is going to be on her blog. You will totally want to do the Speed Crop with us once you see what you get! Go check it out!

Hope to see you at the Crop tonight. 7:00 MDT! See ya!!


  1. I think your hair definitely suits you nice and long, I wish mine was as pretty. You'd make a good Disney princess for a dress up party you know?!

    And you should be very proud of yourself, you work very hard to promote your products etc and your hard work and effort shows. It's strange but I feel a lil bit proud when I'm browsing galleries and see someone's used something of yours. I'm like 'yeah, go Britt!'. Keep up your great work!

  2. You silly girl...you skipped #5. So technically you only told us 6 things about you...does that mean that I don't have to follow through with the tag? :) Just kidding...I will do it, just for you!

  3. I did not know that you loved to color! That is so awesome. I also think you have the most beautiful, thick, natural, blonde hair I've ever seen! I would KILL for your blonde locks, and I love them long! Gorgeous... I'm jealous and always have been!!!

  4. I knew it was coming, I could feel it in my buns.. I mean bones... Tagged. Boo. We'll see what I can come up with. There probably aren't 7 things about me to write, but I guess we'll see!!!

  5. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD that you design full time for a living!! Then we all get to benefit from it! I love all your designs! I'm with Kate, I feel proud too when I see people use your stuff cause I know you put your whole heart into it!


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