Thursday, May 22, 2008

{i'm a cheerleader}

So - a sweetie pie (Heidi) at ScrapMatters, and one of my regular Show Offs scrapped the SWEETEST page about me yesterday. She emailed a while back and asked for a photo of me for a surprise. I thought - hmmm ok, I wonder what she's up to! Well, yesterday I found out!!

(heidi's credits)

I was so touched at this adorable LO and all the sweet comments my SM friends made in response. I'm so lucky to have my SM friends. I'm happy to be the site's cheerleader! HAHA!!!!  Thanks so much Heidi for such a special gift!!

Random side-note: this photo was taken by Josh back when we were just dating and I was living in LA. He came out to visit right before I moved back home and we got to go see a taping of "Joey". You know, the Matt LeBlanc spin off of friends. We had connections through the designer I was working with. This is while we were on the Universal backlot, waiting to go into the stage.  It was fun to go to.

Again, thanks Heidi.  You are the sweetest!!

See you guys tomorrow.


  1. This is SOOOO sweet! And so true! You're endlessly patient and supportive, and I know you make everyone feel really welcome at SM, plus despite what you say, being super organised!!

    Aww, we love ya!!

  2. thanks so much for being the SM cheerleader, I know you have been more than patient and understanding with my many questions. You always seem to be one step ahead of everyone, your quick to offer assistance, you post the loveliest comments in the gallery, and you do make the cutest kits which help me make the cutest los.

    3 Cheers for Britt!

  3. I'm so flattered that you posted this on your web site! You deserve it--you are the BEST!!

  4. Oh how sweet! I love that picture of you. You look so pretty!

  5. ADORABLE! What a sweet thing to do. LOVE the LO.
    And all the sweet sentiments are TRUE!

    YOU ROCK!!

  6. It is such a nice tribut to you and it looks so much like your LO's. That the greatest compliment. We all gain so much from your style and your enthusiasm. I know I truly appreciate all you do. You really deserve the "cheerleader" award.

  7. I really do know how to spell tribute. Sorry.


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