Tuesday, May 13, 2008

{oh brother!!}

Yeah, so I forgot #5 on my 7 things post (thanks for noticing Morgan).  So . . . lets make #5) I go too fast.  I tend to try and get things done too quickly.  I like to make fast decisions, fast responses, because if I don't do it right away or quickly I feel like I'll forget, or it will just keep nagging my mind, OR (and this is the worst one), once I put it off, I will keep putting it off and procrastinate it for a LONG TIME!!   So, sometimes doing  things quickly is good, but not always!!  Shakespeare wrote, "Wisely & slow.  They stumble that run fast".   It's so true.  I go too fast and make stupid mistakes.  I have to find a balance between going too fast and putting things off.  Sigh.  I know missing #5 off a silly little blog post is not a big deal, but its indicative of how I do things.

1 comment:

  1. I think it fits perfectly !!!!

    Thanks for the insight into you. :)


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