Tuesday, May 20, 2008

{see you tonight!}

I'm hosting a Speed Scrap tonight at SM!  And I expect all my friends to be there!! :) (if it works with your schedules of course). Here's the thread that gives all the details. It starts at 8:00 my time (MDT). I'm really excited. The participation prize is a brand new, never before seen "Label Tape Alpha".

And 1 randomly drawn winner will get a $10 GC to the SM shop!! AND my favorite entry will win a kit of their choice from Britt-ish Designs.

So - there are many prizes to be won, and so much fun to be had. I hope you can all make it.

On my desk this morning was the new Mates of State album that came out today. Josh left it as a little surprise!! I've been BLASTING it all morning. He's such a good husband! I was so excited!! I think its my favorite album of theirs. They still don't have any tour dates scheduled near us, but we still have our fingers crossed that some get scheduled.

Ok - one last random thing. On the SSD Blog, they had a blog prompt to blog about what celebs you were in love with as a kid. I think my first love was New Kids. I remember they were the FIRST tape I ever got that was MY OWN. I got in my Easter Basket!! I loved Joey. He was so dreamy. But I also tried to like Danny too just because no one else did and I liked to be different. Poor Danny. What goofy lookin' dude  (he's the one in yellow).

(Side-note: as I was looking for this photo I learned that NKOTB <-- yes that is a real term they use, is back together and going on tour this fall. Yikes).

But you know who I also LOVED as a kid!!?  DOOGIE HOWSER, MD.  I watched that show faithfully and had such a crush on Doogie.  I'm so glad Neil Patrick Harris is back in my life in "How I Met Your Mother".  We love that show around here.  

I know, I know, IRL Neil doesn't like girls, but my school-girl crush on Doogie doesn't care.

Random enough post for ya today?? Well, I'll see you tonight at the Speed Scrap. 8:00 Mountain Time. BE THERE!!


  1. I loved Jon on NKOTB. He was underrated as well. And yes, NKOTB is back. They performed on the Today show last week. They seemed kind of old which in turn made me feel old. And Neil Patrick Harris doesn't like girls! I did not know that! Well, I love Doogie all the same!

  2. My girlfriends and I are all hoping they come to the arena closest to us so we can all go and pretend we are teenager again! *LOL* I was a Jordan fan personally.

    And did you see the episode of HIMYM where Barney was blogging and they were playing the Doogie theme song? How AWESOME was that?? *L*

    I'll try to get to the scrap tonight, depends on if DH comes home or works late. Is it wrong to hope he works late? *L*

  3. I will certainly "see" you tonight. And Doogie was a cutie, well, actually, he still is.

    Love the alpha!!!

  4. LOL, too funny. There was something on tv a few nights ago about NKOTB and I was telling Joseph that I liked Jonathon because everyone liked Jordan and I didn't want to be like everyone else.
    Haha! They were one of my first tapes too, that and Tiffany!

    Used to love Doogie Howser too! I met so many Drs in the hospital when I worked there that reminded me of him.. seriously, some of those Drs are so young looking!

  5. Hee..heee...hee...I loved Joey from NKOTB too! But instead of Doogie, I was more in love with Zach from "Saved By the Bell" and I thought Kirk Cameron was pretty dreamy as well. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  6. What they are going back on tour! You have got to be kidding. Side note I check Melissa Davis' blog today and saw your parents. So cute!

  7. I'm so bummed that I missed the scrap. But it was fun to chat with you afterwards!!

    CUTE alpha!!

  8. I loved NKOTB! Funny that they are going back out on a tour!

    Can't wait for that new kit!


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