Wednesday, May 14, 2008

{successful speed crop & some other random LOs}

Last night's speed crop at SM was a whirlwind!!! A little crazy, I panicked for a minute, but then I relaxed and just had fun! Here's what I ended up with after the two hours were up.


It's a little crazy, not sure I would have left it quite so crazy if I would have had more time, but I don't know. I guess its cute.

Ok - Just a few other LOs I haven't posted here. This one is for the template challenge going on right now at SM. So, if you want this template, you can go get it for free.

This LO was TOTAL scrap therapy. I've never ever cried while typing journaling or scrapping until this LO!

And a couple others . . .



This next one is for a challenge my new friend, One Happy Mama, is hosting at Tangie Baxter's team blog, The Loft. The challenge was to scrap a "THING" you loved. Not a person, a thing. Well, I love our bed.


Side note. I love Mates of State. They have a new album coming out and its streaming on MySpace for a couple days and I'm in love. I love every song. If you need a new band to love, check them out!!!! It's BLASTING in my house right now.

So, you may remember that Josh and I had a Star Wars week a while back, and watched all the Star Wars movies in order. Well, it actually turned into a Star Wars 2 weeks, but whatever. For our next marathon we decided to watch all the "Indiana Jones" movies.  1 each night.  I had never seen them (I know, what's wrong with me?).  And we're getting excited for the new one!! We just finished the last one last night. Its almost silly to compare them. The 1st one (Raiders of the Lost Arc) is alright, entertaining, but a little gross. Nazi face melting? No thanks. The 2nd one (Temple of Doom) is RIDICULOUS. So campy, so dumb, but at least we had some good laughs!! Short Round is the only thing awesome about that one. He's hilarious. But the third one (The Last Crusade). Oh yeah!! That's how they all should have been!! Wow. I loved that one!! Harrison Ford is such a stud!! At first when I heard he was doing this new one, I was like "OH BROTHER that's so dumb, he's so old!!"  BUT after watching these, I'm like "YEAH! YOU GO HARRISON!!!!"  HAHA!!

So, that's what we've been up to in our evenings. OH!! And our LuvSac is a MESS! If you have a LuvSav, please go and make sure your inner sac is securely zipped up. We noticed some foam pop out of ours the other night and opened the outter sac to find that the inner sac had come unzipped and now we have a ROYAL MESS on our hands!!!!!! It's seriously like a nightmare. If you don't have a LuvSac you probably have no idea what I'm talking about!!!!

See ya 'round!!


  1. I love the LO of your mom and Eden! Love that pink paper!

  2. Wow, once again you've been busy creating gorgeous LOs! Love the pic of Josh and Eden and the whole LO is just beautiful!

  3. WAY to go on those LO's! Love the one of Josh and your niece. Adorable!!

    We have a little boy at our house who used to LIVE AND BREATHE Indiana Jones. For a while he was writiting Indie on all his papers at school even. (Now it's Star Wars, but it was super fun to call him Indie for that while!!)

    Never heard of Mates of State before, but I'm loving them...

    Kindred Spirits!!

  4. Britt, that is the SWEETEST picture of Josh and Eden. After reading the journaling, no wonder your eyes were leaking.

    It was SUCH a blast at the Speed Scrap last night. Now that school is almost out, I hope to tire the boys out during the day to find a few more moments to scrap at night.

    Watch your email for some LO shares - does last night's count???


    p.s. - That painting you gave your friend is phenomenal! You are an all-around artist and an inspiration on many mediums. :)))

  5. I love all your recent layouts, they are so girly!! I love all the flowers.

    Hehe, we just did the Indiana Jones marathon recently because I'd never seen them either. Actually I liked the first one the best (minus the face melting thing!!). Hated the last one, I fell asleep. We are going on a date (well, with our friend Arie too cos he watched the other ones with us), to see the new one when it comes out here.

    Joseph also talked me into watching Star Wars just over a year ago.. I only just managed to sit through the 'first' one, which is actually the 4th one? I have no idea!! So not my thing.

    Fun to watch movies that everyone talks about that you've never seen though. We also watched Princess Bride last week cos I'd never seen that either! I don't know what I was doing in the 80s.. I think watching Sound of Music & Wizard of Oz on repeat.. LOL.

  6. Love all your layouts! A simple hide for your box spring with a wood frame bed is to buy a fitted sheet and put it on the box spring! We've done it with all our beds now and I much prefer it to a bedskirt!


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