Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Hello.  It's Sunday, and I am right on track with another 52 blessings page.


I used my new "A Kid Again" alpha. I'm lovin' it!!

I also have a couple blog prompts from SSD.

First thing - they had a little quiz to take about what your fridge says about you. It's half true, half totally wrong.

  • You aren't greedy, but you don't really deprive yourself either. You strike a good balance with the stuff you buy.
  • You are not careful with your money. In fact, you rarely think about how much you are spending. WRONG
  • You are not adventurous at all. You don't like to be outside your comfort zone.
  • You try to be responsible, but you don't always succeed. Your heart is in the right place though.
  • You are likely single - and spending many nights alone at home. WRONG
This quiz was pretty lame, but hey - if you wanna take it - here is the link.

The other blog prompt they had was to talk about your favorite summer activities. I think my favorite thing in the summer is going to baseball games.

Josh and I LOVE baseball. We don't have any major league teams to go see here in Utah but we support our minor leaguers. Last week we went to the Owlz season opener! I love watching baseball.  Live is best but on TV isn't bad either. Summer means baseball and I LOVE baseball!!!

Well, have a nice Sunday everybody!!


  1. Cute cute layout! That is an adorable alphabet..will probably need to pick that one up as well!

  2. We should go to a game together because we love the Owlz. Remember when I got rid of those annoying guys at the BYU game? You didn't think I had the guts!!

  3. Just wanted to say "Hi". I come to your blog often. Thanks for sharing your life with us. Your blog is very nice!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you for putting your ticker on your blog. I went and got one for our Disneyland Trip in December!

  5. LOVE that LO, once again!
    Hope that you had a nice Sunday. It was weird not to talk to you ALL WEEKEND...


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