Friday, June 20, 2008

{its a new day}

My post last night was so therapeutic. And the outpouring of love that came from comments and numerous personal emails was incredibly uplifting. How can a girl stay sad with so many friends out there?!! I can't possibly respond to each and every comment and email but, know that I love you all and can't thank you enough for your kind words. It really has helped and I'm feeling better even now. Thank you so much!! MWAH!

And just so you know, I've already started the action (filing DCMA notices) with all the necessary people and authorities to get the illegal links (the ones that I've been informed of at least) shut down. Here's hoping it works!  Unfortunately, its much easier to be a pirate than to stop one!  

So - due to my funk, all I have out today is a fun little 2-Pager template pack!

"2-Pagers: Set 3"

And I swear this is the last time I'll play my funk card, but I haven't even made layouts to show you how cute these templates can be. But its on my agenda for this afternoon so hopefully I can post example layouts tomorrow.

And you KNOW all my show offs are getting this template pack as their gift today!!!

Let's enjoy a slideshow!

Show Offs ROCK!! Getting them is such fun! BUT - I'm going to make a little change to the Show Off rules starting today.

From now on, in order to send in a show off it needs to be something you scrapped THIS WEEK.  It will of course be on the honor system! I mean, how can I really know when you scrapped it! But I the point of the Show Offs is to see what you scrapped this week using Britt-ish Designs. Make sense?

Remember to email them with the subject line "Show Off" and send them about 600x600 in size.

Well, hope you like the templates. Sorry its not more exciting. Have fun today and this weekend! I'm having a date night tonight and J is planning everything. I don't have to worry 'bout a thing. I LOVE IT!!!! He's the best.

See ya!!


  1. Oh my gosh Britt! I can't believe that someone would have the balls to share your stuff! That is crazy! I don't get it! I hope you get them! I hope they feel like CRAP when they realize that they've been caught! I'm so so so so so so sorry that happened to you. I know how much you love your work and how much of yourself you put into them. Everything you do is amazing and it's sad that someone would do that. You know that I love you and I appriciate everything you do for me! Thanks for everything!!!

  2. have fun tonight, dear! you so deserve it- and funk away. everyone should get to do that, too.

  3. Britt im so so sorry people can be so rotten!! I hope you get it all taken care of fast and you can get out of your funk!! Your work is so amazing and I know you take such great pride in what you do. It has always been your dream to create like this. Your have so many people who love and support you and your work!! I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life!! Lets get together soon :)

  4. I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better today. don't let the cheaters get you down, remember it's their karma. It really is too bad that there is always someone to spoil what you love doing. Jen and I would never dream of sharing kits, and we often buy the same ones. Like you said, would you go into your LSS and take what you wanted.

    thanks for the great templates today, always love your templates.
    Enjoy date nite, forget everything else, just have fun.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry about the piracy thing!! I just don't understand how people have the guts to do that! It really sucks big time! Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better now and are fighting back! Hope you had a great date night too and could forget about all that for a while!

  6. These templates are wonderful!!
    I was bummed that I didn't get to chat with you today! I hope that your date was FAB!!!

  7. YAY! I seriously love love love your templates, they really make my scrap life EASIER!! Thanks so much for all you do! Have fun on your date night!


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