Thursday, July 31, 2008

{see ya!}

I just got a fluorescent pink pedicure and now we're OFF on vacation!  And man, do we both need it!  So - if you need me it will just have to wait until the 6th!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

{meet the Britt Girls}

Girls - you blew me away with your applications. I honestly could have had a team of 25 and had ALL amazingly talented awesome scrappers. But there is NO WAY I need a team that big!! I really wanted like 7 Britt Girls but ended up with TEN. So - its a bigger team that I intended but narrowing it down to 10 was nearly impossible. And I had to turn away so many of my pals and talented scrappers. It was awful. It just kept thinking, "Thank goodness I don't have to do this again until January!"

BUT on the flip-side - I have an official CT (I'm growing up!) and man alive, are they outstanding scrappers!! Please help me welcome my BRITT GIRLS for Summer/Fall '08!!

and Paige

Browse their fab galleries and you'll see how wonderful they are!!

Thanks again to everyone who applied. I was overwhelmed at the response!

See ya!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

{Erica Zane has come to ScrapMatters!!}

Finally!!  My friend Erica Zane has joined me at ScrapMatters.  I've been begging her to come join us for so long, and finally the time was right!! I'm so excited! Let me show you her gorgeous stuff and what I scrapped with it.

"Dragonfly Delight"

Here's what I scrapped:

{full credits}

"Amythest Avenue"

And here's what I scrapped:

{full credits}

"Naturally Happy"

Here's what I scrapped:

{full credits}

And last but not least - "Breezy Beauty"

And here is my layout:

{full credits}

FUN stuff huh? She's so good! Totally realistic, high quality, and all her kits are priced at just 5.00!

Welcome Erica to SM! So so so happy to have you. Can't wait to see more stuff in the store!

Have a good one everyone!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

{so many blessings}

Did you think I'd forgotten about my Blessing Book project? I haven't posted a Sunday Blessing post for a few weeks but I HAVE been keeping up on my blessing pages. I've just been unable to get a Sunday post done for a while.

So . . . here is my page from 2 weeks ago (the week I was in California).


This is my Aunt (Josh's Aunt) Cris. She's the one who flew us to California to surprise Josh's Grandpa for his 90th birthday. She's such a blessing in our lives and we wish we got to see her more. We ALWAYS enjoy the time we get to spend with her.

Last week's blessing might seem silly to you, but its a real blessing to ME.


Magic happens at Disneyland. The memories I have there with Josh and my family are priceless. A true blessing.

And this week . . .


Our planet is so beautiful. I love to see more of it, learn about it, appreciate it. I'm amazed by the beauty of this planet every day and I'm so grateful to have been give Earth to live on.

So there's my blessing catch-up. Even though I've been caught up all along, just not posted here. :)

Well, there's only about 8 hours left in my CT call and I'm overwhelmed by the talented scrappers that have applied. There is NO WAY I can take all of the great people who have applied. I'm DREADING making the final decision. But super excited at the same time to have a new team!!!

We had a lot of fun last night in Heber at the Demolition Derby. Have you ever been to a Demo. Derby?! Oh man they are fun!! I'll post all about it later once I've got the photos and video off my camera.

Until then . . .

Friday, July 25, 2008

{creative block?}

Hi folks! Sorry for the late post today. We were out late watching "Back to the Future" in my parents backyard projected on the side of the house. So I let myself sleep in! Sorry!! But sometimes you just gotta give the body what it wants. Plus - with the holiday yesterday I didn't do as much preparation for my Friday post as I normally do. Hence, the later than usual post!

So . . . only 1 goodie to release today but its a fun one. I have a brand new template pack out today.

"Creative Block Templates"

I LOVE blocking style in scrapbooking. Blocking of photos, papers, whatever. It's just a nice clean look and its a really fun way to use lots of papers. SO, I went through my own LOs and took 4 blocked style pages and made this template pack!


(I didn't realize they were black and orange LOs until after everything was done and I was putting them all together. Pretty random huh??)

AND my amazing team put together some awesome LOs with the templates as well! Check these out!!

~ Erica ~

~ Tami ~

~ Ashley ~

~ Tater ~

I just LOVE what they did with "Creative Block"! Don't you?! Wow! Thanks so much girls.

I think its time we Show Off.

41 Show Offs this week. Pretty incredible! And all of them were so impressive! It's been a busy week so I didn't have as much time as I wanted to email everyone and praise your work to the sky, but REALLY - AMAZING work this week to all of you!! WOW. Thanks so much for sharing them.

You'll all be getting my new "Creative Block" template pack as your gift this week! Enjoy! And I can't wait to see what you make with it.

Don't forget, next week is our week off.  No new stuff or Show Offs next Friday.  You can still email me Show Offs, if you want, but there won't be a gift or slideshow until the 8th.

I'll see you peeps later!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

{Happy Pioneer Day!}

Here in Utah, the 24th of July is a holiday. We celebrate the pioneers arrival to Utah on this day. Found this quote from the Library of Congress' webiste:

"Completing a treacherous thousand-mile exodus, an ill and exhausted Brigham Young and fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints arrived in Utah's Great Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. The Mormon pioneers viewed their arrival as the founding of a Mormon homeland, hence Pioneer Day."

I'm so thankful for the Pioneers coming west and settling this state. I always try to imagine what it would have been like to cross the plains and I honestly don't know if I could have done it.

So - we celebrate the 24th. Tonight we'll be going to my parent's for a big BBQ, fireworks in the street, and a movie projected on the house in the backyard. I have the special assignment of picking and bringing the movie. . . I don't even know what it will be yet!

I'm so used to summer's with a 24th of July celebration. If I ever move out of Utah it wouldn't feel like summer without a 24th of July holiday.

When I was 15, and again when I was 16, I spent my summers working at the Sno Shack. Do you have Sno Shacks where you are? It's a shaved ice stand. There are so many songs, smells, etc. that remind me of those days sitting in the Sno Shack. Fond memories. It was a silly job, but I loved it. Cuz I just got to work with my friends, see kids from school stop by when they bought their shaved ice and listen to music. Sometimes during the day when it was slow and I was working alone I'd get to just sit and read. Still today, summer isn't summer until I have a Sno Shack. Mmm . . . I know EVERY flavor and I like MANY of them. So it makes it hard to choose when I get one. I've only had one so far this summer, but just talking about it is making me want to go out and get another right now.

Summer also isn't summer without a trip to Bear Lake! We missed our yearly trip last year and it really felt weird! Every year since I can remember (NOT EXAGGERATING) my family has gone camping/boating at Bear Lake. It's so much fun!! We love it there and look forward to Bear Lake every summer. I love to sit on the beach and read, eat, play games, talk around the fire, and sleep in tents. It's such a fun time. It's so much fun that our group just keeps growing. Once you get invited to come with us, you fall in love and end up coming back year after year!

I know this picture probably just looks hectic and busy to you, but this is SOOOOO Bear Lake to me. This is just all of us, down on the beach, hanging out. It's honestly the most relaxing vacation. Most trips I take, we go and do and play hard and wear ourselves ragged. But Bear Lake is just FUN and RELAXATION!! Oh man I can't wait to go!!!

We leave this year on the 31st, next Thursday. So next Friday will be a week off from new products and Show Offs. My first week off in a VERY VERY long time. You can feel free to send Show Offs if you want, and I'll just include them in the next week's slideshow. But why don't we all take a week off?! We deserve it!

But don't worry - I've got a little something for tomorrow! :)

Ok - last little thing!! ScrapMatters is starting a brand new group called the Scraps Matter Gang. Basically, its a group of scrappers who peruse the gallery, leave lots of love, and earn ScrapMatters products just for being nice and friendly! You should TOTALLY apply!!

Wow - this post got long and chatty didn't it?! Well, I'll just show you some LOs I've done recently and then sign off!

This are the two LOs I scrapped for the TWO Speed Scraps we had on Tuesday (I love double speed scrap days).



And lastly, this is the LO I scrapped for this week's Template Challenge at SM. So if you like the LO and want the template - go snag it here and play along in our challenge. It's a good one this week. You have to use a quote from a movie or song on your LO. I had to go with Sandlot.


Alrighty - see you kids later!

Monday, July 21, 2008

{daytime speed scrap tomorrow!}

Just popping in to remind everyone about the daytime speed scrap tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 11 am MST. Click here for more details (the info on prizes in half way down page 2 of the the thread).

There's also an evening speed scrap at 7 MST! I'm trying to do both! Hope to see you there!

{weekend round-up & a small CT call}

Hello my friends.  How its going!?  How was your weekend?  Mine was great!  We had just the right balance of productivity and relaxing.  

Saturday we went to our nephew's last little league game.  He did great and its so fun to cheer him on!

After that we had a yummy lunch at the Hot Dog King. Josh had been there before, but I hadn't so he showed me the ropes. It was sooo yummy. It will not be our last visit to the Hot Dog King.

The new Saturday Special was posted and its a FUN ONE!!! The challenge is to do a makeover of one of you older LOs that you might not be as happy with anymore. I have PLENTY of those LOs that need makeovers! This is the LO as I originally scrapped it:

Could it be more random?! There's no flow, no plan, just scattered junk. Blech.

And here is the made-over LO, which I am 100% more happy with.

{full credits}

I took lot of time to scrap this weekend. Sometimes I just have to take a break from "work" and just scrap. It felt GREAT.

{full credits}

{full credits}

{full credits}

{full credits}

SEE! I told ya I scrapped a LOT! haha

On Sunday we went to our usual dinner at my parents' house.  There was trampoline jumping, baseball game watching, and of course we always watch America's Funniest Home Videos and laugh and laugh!

We celebrated Josh's birthday with presents, cake and ice cream since my family hadn't had a chance to give him their presents yet.

Ok - so the last "little" bit of business. . .

My CT Call. Yes, its true. I'm FINALLY doing a CT call. It's my first and I'm keeping it small, short and sweet. My blog is the only place I'm posting it. And its only open for a week. I'm not looking for a HUGE team.

(click to enlarge)

The reason I've been putting off my CT call for so long is that I'm a big chicken!! I REALLY don't want to turn anyone down. I've been rejected myself from MANY CT calls, so I know how that feels. And I just didn't want to put myself in that position. But it's just a necessary evil I guess.

On the other hand, I'm SUPER excited to see who applies and to get my Britt Girls all lined up!  
OK - long enough post for ya?! Sheesh! SORRY folks. I'll sign off now!! :) Have a good one.

Friday, July 18, 2008

{yee haw! hooray for cowgirls!} freebie below!

It's Friday again!  Hip hip hooray! I love Fridays. Let's get right to it - shall we?

Now - most of you know I'm crazy about this little gal . . .

Gracelyn is my little sweetie, and she LOVES horses. To her grandpa's delight she's a natural little cowgirl and LOVES to see her VERY OWN pony (named Princess Feather) when she visits Papa in Utah.

Well, she recently turned 2 and had a cowgirl birthday party, complete with pony rides. Sadly, Aunt Brittney couldn't make it to AZ for the party, but she CAN create the perfect kit for her little cowgirl!! I give you . . .

"Tiny Cowgirl"

some details for you (click to see 'em nice and close up)

And I just had to make a coordinating brag book as well!!

"Tiny Cowgirl Brag Book"

And. . . to sweeten the deal, if you purchase "Tiny Cowgirl" before next Friday you'll get the brag book for free, automatically included in your download. No need to put the album in your shopping cart. Just purchase and download the kit, and the brag book will be there.

Are you in love yet? Well, let me put you over the top with some amazing LOs from my team.

First and foremost, the mama of Cowgirl Gracelyn herself - MORGAN!


Ashley ALSO proved that this kit is NOT just for the girls . . .

Erica - my champ - scrapped two as well!

Tater also rocked a cowBOY LO!

Danica scrapped two fabulous 2-pagers!! She was on a roll!!

Tami showed a non-girly side to the kit as well! LOVE IT!

Heather Lee is so creative!! This LO REALLY wowed me!

And last of all the game - MY layout!

It's been SO FUN being a country girl this week! Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty much a city slicker, but I love to pretend to be country every now and again.

I also have a freebie add-on for y'all (<-- see me being country) but you gotta keep reading if you want it! 

Also in the shop today are a few items I'm calling my "2nd Chance" goodies. They have previously been participation gifts and/or freebies! If you missed 'em while they were free, you can now grab 'em in the shop! 

OK . . . ready for some major Show Offs?! Well - here they are:

As I was putting the slideshow together this week, I was thinking "MAN! This feels like a lot of Show Offs" and when I finished I looked at the total and was BLOWN AWAY!!!! 46 LOs this week!!! That's WAY above our previous record! WHOA!!!! Thanks so much for sending me your work you guys! I really sincerely love seeing it!

The gift this week for my Show Offs is their choice of any of the 4 new "2nd Chance" products I just loaded into the store!

So Show Offs, email me your choice of product. Also - if you notice your LO is missing or did not receive an email from me this morning, email me and let me know!! Mistakes happen. Especially with almost 50 LOs to keep track of!!!

Well, thanks for reading all the way down! Here is the "Tiny Cowgirl" add-on freebie I have for ya!!

Download it HERE. Be sure to say hi when you grab it.

Really fast, before I sign off . . . here is the LO I scrapped last night at the SUPER FUN speed scrap hosted by sassypixie.


Just thought I'd share that with ya real quick!  It was a very fun night!  It's always fun to sort of "hang out" with you all and scrap!  This coming Tuesday (7/22) SM is having a daytime speed scrap AND an evening one! Should be lots of fun!!!

Have a great Friday everyone!! Yeeeeeeee haw!!

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