Wednesday, July 9, 2008

{Britt-ish Overload}

Weird. I'm all over the place these days. My new freebie, "Electric Pop" is available at "The Daily Scrapper", so go snag that if you want it.

Yours truly is also being spotlighted on The Loft blog today. I love being on Tangie's team! :) So fun!

GUESS WHAT! Bad news. I can't come to the speed scrap tomorrow night at SM! :( I totally wanted to, but we are going out to dinner for Josh's birthday with his family. Getting together everyone's schedules is really difficult so I had to concede and miss out on this week's speed scrap. I'm excited for Josh's birthday dinner, but I'm sad to miss the speed scrap. Oh well, there's always next week.

There's a fun new template challenge underway at SM hosted by Heather Lee. She made a really cute template, so swing over there and grab it. Here's my LO for her challenge.


And I scrapped this little puppy today too.


Alright - guess that's it for today. Nothing else to report. Tomorrow I'll post some pics from yesterday, our little day at Lagoon.


  1. Love your pages!! Thanks for another great mini kit!

  2. Oh - I'm so sad you won't be able to do the speed scrap with me tonight. Boo!

    Have fun at Josh's birthday dinner!

  3. Fell in love with your LO's - beautiful. You used a glittery diamond (looks like cb) in a recent LO called Scotty's. You gave credit for the diamonds to "Ever After" kit by Matahati Designs - but when I looked at the kit at Scrap Matters, I don't see them in it. Just wanted to make sure b/4 I buy. Would you mind emailing and letting me know? thank you either way - Colleen TYSM

  4. I know you don't know me - I've just today found you. But, I have a pleaasssseeee do something request: any chance you can add one of those buttons that we can subscribe to your blog via email????!!! Pahlease! Such fun LO's inspiration... really enjoy your blog, ty


  5. So I did the challenge at TBD and somehow messed up in linking my LO. Bummer. So I really DID do a Christmas LO. Just don't know how to link. Anyway, it was a fun challenge. I have about four show offs this week, but I'll probably just send my two favorite.


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