Thursday, July 17, 2008

{busy busy busy}

I know, I know, I've been pretty absent this week! I'm trying to get caught up and get back in my normal groove, but its not easy!! Summer is just BUSY I've decided.

So - what have I been so busy doing and where have I been? Well, I've been getting my new kit ready for release tomorrow!! Wanna peek?

I have to say I'm pretty excited about how this one turned out!!! It's SO fun and I LOVE the bright happy colors!! I think you'll like it too!

I REALLY want to post pictures and tell you all about our crazy Disneyland day and our trip to So. Cal, but there's just too much to get done before tomorrow! I promise it will happen though.

A couple things real quick . . .

1) TONIGHT is the speed scrap at SM and I WILL be there this time!!! I got to design the participation prize this week! So if you want this for free:

Come SPEED SCRAP with us tonight (Thursday, June 17th) at 8pm Mountain Time. (More details here.)

2) The Tuesday Template challenge at SM this week is super fun! The template is great so go snag it. Here's what I scrapped with it!

{credits here}

My niece could not be more beautiful. She just kills me!!!

Well, that's it for today. Gotta get back to work!! Thursdays are ALWAYS my busiest, craziest days gearing up for new product Friday and the Show Offs. Lots to do!!

Peace out.


  1. wow, there is NO way i'm missing speed scrapping this week, the posting bonus is awesome!!!
    And the new kit, pink and brown, one of my fav color palettes, can't wait to see more.

  2. I miss speed scrap every time, but I so want to join in one day. However, I have made this commitment to go to my TurboKickBox class and just would feel so guilty if I stayed home, sat at the computer and speed scrapped. Especially because of the chicken Mcnuggets I just ate. Next time, I hope. Your participation prize is most tempting, however. Have fun!

  3. I am excited for the new release tomorrow! Yay!! We REALLY need to get together when things calm down!


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