Wednesday, July 2, 2008

{ticker fixer}

I came to post and wanted to check my trip countdown ticker first and was depressed cuz I felt like no time had passed since I first put it up!

Well, turns out no time HAD passed! Haha!! It wasn't working. So - I think I've got it fixed but we'll see!!! I don't know what to do if it just doesn't count down. OH WELL! I guess we'll see tomorrow if it still says 3 months and 10 days or if it changes to 9 for me.

Wow - scintillating blog post huh?

Josh is off at a work meeting and I'm gearing up for the big release tomorrow! I can't WAIT!! I've got so much cute stuff to show ya, its killing me!  Tivo is quietly recording SYTYCD so we can watch it when Josh gets home.  He better not be too late cuz we ARE watching it!

The Speed Scrap last night was fun but crazy!! Our sweet hostess Stacy disappeared suddenly after instruction #3, and we waited around just chatting for about a half hour before I decided to step in and attempt to finish the night. It ended up still being a lot of fun.  Turns out Stacy had lost power! Poor girl!!! Anyway - here's what I ended up with!!


I also scrapped a couple Disneyland pages that I realized I haven't posted here.



Well, that's it. Guess I'll go round myself up some dinner and eat it in front of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" (my new fun Tivoed show to veg out and watch - thanks to Marci talking it up so much!!).

((Don't forget! New stuff out tomorrow instead of Friday and Show Offs on Saturday night!!))

See ya peeps!


  1. I love all the layouts! Very cute. I can't believe that it is already time for another anniversary trip to Disneyland! Where does the time go?

  2. i'm excited about your disneyland trip! lol! i can't wait to see the pictures you'll scrap. is that stalkerish? seriously. i love disneyland. i'm hoping to take my son around christmas this year.

    and the layouts are wonderful! i love your style.

  3. Super cute pages! I LOVE Jon & Kate plus 8. I am totally addicted to that show. It's so funny and nice to see that other people strugle at being parents.


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