Wednesday, August 13, 2008

{answers to your questions and a new blinkie!!}

First things first - my FABULOUS Britt Girl, Amber, made us shiny new blinkies!! :) This is the fan one that you can sport if you'd like to!! Right click and save it to your computer. You can't link it from here!

Cute, huh!?  Thanks so much Amber!

Ok, now to answer some questions I keep getting.

1) Yes, my husband's aunt Cris that I scrapped a LO about is, in fact, the actress who plays Angela Petrelli on "Heroes". (She was also Mike's mom (Pheobe's husband Mike) in "Friends". And Ted's mom in "How I Met Your Mother" among other things!!) My relative is a celebrity, of sorts! HAHA!!! Kudos to those of you who recognized her from my LO! Needless to say, we are HUGE "Heroes" fans and cannot wait for the new season to finally start! It's been so long! AND its awesome that Cris is in SO many of the little teasers that have been running during the Olympics!!

She lives in Hollywood, so we always try to see her when we go to Disneyland. In fact, she bought a season pass to come with us whenever we go, cuz we go so often!! HAHA!

Her character is so creepy and awesome and we are so proud of her!!

2) YES! Of course I'm still doing Show Offs!! Get those LOs emailed to me before midnight (MST) on Thursday night!!

3) My migraine lasted the entire day Sunday but was pretty much gone when I woke up on Monday. Thanks so much for all the suggestions and sweet wishes. I just need to drink more water and not stress myself out so much!! You guys were so sweet to worry about me.

That's all the questions I can think of to answer at the moment!

Today is the 4 year anniversary of me and Josh's first date!! AWW!!

This is us on our first date. Thanks goodness Tami and Ben came with us and snapped a picture. I'm so thankful to have it now! We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then to a baseball game. We don't usually really celebrate this anniversary in any big way, but this year we decided to recreate it! So tonight we'll be going to dinner at Olive Garden and then to see the Orem Owlz play. We love the Owlz!! So - yeah - tonight should be REALLY fun!!

Thanks so much baby, for taking me to dinner and a ball game 4 years ago!

Have a great day!!


  1. Hey, thanks for the free brag book LO's! And I LOVE that LO down below of the birthday party! I think I'm going to scraplift it for my daughter's birthday LO's!

  2. I can't believe it's been FOUR YEARS!! WOW!! That's so crazy! But I guess it'll be your 3rd anniv. shortly, so it makes sense, but still! TIME FLIES!! :) Happy first date anniversary!

  3. I thought that picture of Cris looked like her, but I thought it was just the way the photo was taken. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her character on Heroes. Wow, she must have lots of fun stuff to tell you about the industry. How fun!

  4. Happy date anniversary! I didn't even know that Orem had and Owls team! LOL! New Blinkie is awesome!!!

  5. Love the new blinkie! Also, today is my hubby and I's anniversary of our first date...its just been uuuhhmmmm (I'm adding)16 years! Oh my, I'm old.

  6. Aww, happy anniversary! How can a first date at a baseball game go wrong? :)

    You know, everytime I saw your LOs with Chris I thought, gee, she looks SO much like someone. I couldn't figure out if it was someone I knew or a celeb. But I couldn't figure out who, and I thought she just looked her, not was her, lol. I LOVE Heroes, it's definitely one of my favorite shows! Very cool! Though I hope she's not as creepy in real life! ;)

  7. That is so awesome!! I love the new blinkie.

    Oh, and my husband and I are HUGE Heroes fans as well!!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Those first date pics are AWESOME! You two look SO cute! :)

  9. Oh, how cute, love the 1st date pics. And I am a major Heros fan, very anxious for the new season, and now I have a new reason to watch, Aunt Cris and how lucky is she to have such a "hunky" son.
    Enjoy your 4th!!!

  10. Happy first date anniversary!
    You guys make a great looking couple.
    I am a big fan of Heroes, and Cris' character is fabulous.

  11. What a fun new blinkie!

    I knew your aunt looked familiar, but I couldn't figure out why... and now I know. I LOVE Heroes! I'm surprised I didn't put it together already. Thanks for letting us know! And have fun on your date!

  12. You kill me! You always cost me money. LOL

    I had to go buy your two new kits, plus your little cowgirl kit I hadn't yet purchased and your grabbag (by the way it is awesome)!

    I love your designs, but my pocketbook doesn't so much.

  13. This is so random, but I think you walked into the Owlz game just in front of my little family. I stumbled onto your blog through the freebie collabs you've done with Ellie and the other designers and saw your grab bag on Scrap Matters so I had just been looking at your blog before the game. It's a small world...even though we haven't ever met.

    Your designs are darling!

  14. I remember when you went to Old Navy to buy a cute new shirt for the date!! I covered the front desk for you!! It is so cool that you have a picture of it.


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