Sunday, August 10, 2008

{blessings and what I scrapped this weekend}

I was in Bear Lake last Sunday so are my two blessing LOs to make up for my missed week. I still LOVE this project and couldn't feel happier or more peaceful when I'm creating them.

(this week's are pretty personal)

{full credits}

(and yes, I did already fix my typo - just didn't care to take the time to re-upload)

{full credits}

I spent my entire weekend working and helping run the Grand Re-Opening. It's a little messy - lots of kinks we didn't see coming. So - if you have ANY trouble downloading your order of MY products, please email me (designerbrittney at gmail dot com) and I'll get you all taken care of.

Overall though I think the reopening festivities are going well and are very fun!! We've had TWO speed scraps already and I LOVE my LOs!

Erica's speed scrap kicked off our reopening games! It was a fun one! Here's what I ended up with!

{full credits}

I love it! One of my favorites I've done lately. Such a fun speed scrap, Erica! THANKS.

Then there was another Speed Scrap with Kate, this afternoon. Also VERY fun!!

{full credits}

I'm hosting a series of ScrapOlympics challenges during this big celebration. They are going REALLY well. I've only had time to scrap ONE of my own challenges so far, but it turned out really cute!

{full credits}

AND there's this REALLY fun "RAK" game in the forum where you scrap for someone else! I have to admit, it was a blast scrapping for Mandy! :) woo hoo!!

{full credits}

Alright - that's enough LOs for one most. Probably more than enough! HAHA

I'm exhausted and have been dealing with my very first migraine of my WHOLE life today! It's been so great. NOT.

I think I'll go lie down now.



  1. Oh no, migranes are NO fun at all. I was in a car accident 4 yrs ago and was blessed with chronic migranes. Just take it easy... I'm sure you have been doing alot. Dark room, laying down...LOTS of water!! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I get the migraines too, NO fun. caffeine helps sometimes. And you do have my permission to post the RAK I did for you ya know....

  3. a migraine- oh no. hmmm... my migraine ritual sorta goes like this (random order): tylenol, a dark room and a bed, quiet, stay hydrated with water and have a little caffeine. i hope you feel better soon.

    (cute LOs, btw. i always *heart* your LOs.)

  4. Hi Britt,

    I hope things calm down enough that you can scrap more. You're such a talented scrapper.

    I get migraines every so often, so I know what you're going through. Take care of yourself.



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