Sunday, August 24, 2008

{double blessings}

I'm two weeks behind again! Oops. So here are TWO blessing LOs for today.



The Olympics are over. Boo hoo. We've had such a great time watching them! All our shows better hurry up and start so we have something to watch! haha

Took another little quiz. "Who Were You in High School?" I don't know if the results are entirely accurate, but it was sorta fun. I think I was pretty normal and average in high school. But whatever.

You Were the Arty Kid

Whether you were a drama freak or an emo poet, you definitely were expressive and unique.

You're probably a little less weird these days - but even more talented!

So there you have it. :) haha

This Saturday we went to my grandma's 81st birthday party! The plan was to have a big party for her 80th, but she wasn't doing so well last year (health-wise) so it got canceled. But this year she is doing much better, and EVERYONE in the family gathered for a big PART-AY!!

Look at this good lookin' clan!

It was a really fun time! I love my extended family. Being close to them is a true blessing.

Well, that's enough from me tonight! Hope you all had a fun weekend. Ours was a good mix of relaxing and fun. See ya later!


  1. great blessing LO's, esp love the one of Pres. Monson--so perfect!

  2. Thanks for showing one of your blessings as Pres Monson. He's special in my eyes too!
    You are soo talented in so many ways. Does your test have a Utah accent listed? I was told when I lived in Calf that I had one when I just answered the phone with hello!!!!!Thanks again ! just wondering.... do you have a personal newsletter that you send out?

  3. Just skipped over from SM ... I'm new there and had fun doing the speed scrap last night! Thanks for your sweet comment :) Looks like we've got a few things in common from my peek around your blog - I consider both of the blessings you posted about to be blessings in my life, a *LOVE* for Disneyland (and Dole Whip), I'm a BYU Alum and die hard Cougar fan, and I was married in the SL Temple, too! Love your work - can't wait to see more!


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