Thursday, September 4, 2008


Another week of bad blogging!  Mostly that's because nothing exciting is going on!  Just the same old same old.  Work, scrap, work, scrap.

We had beading beauties this week though. That was very fun! I decided it was just too gorgeous outside to sit indoors. So I set up tables out on our patio and we beaded into the evening. I made a big chunky funky necklace that I think I'm going to sell (if you're interested email me) **EDITED** This necklace is sold!! :) but I'll be doing more if you're interested so check back. It's sized small for teens or young girls.

Very Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock.  Or Cruella Deville according to Tami!  haha  I have lots of these beads leftover and I seriously HAVE to make myself something out of them!  I LOVE how it turned out!!  It was a very fun night! Everyone made cute stuff! It had been a while since we'd gotten together and I'm so glad we did!

Well - as the subject suggests, I have a peek at my new kit coming out tomorrow!! Hope you love it as much as I do!

Tee hee! Not much of a peek, but hopefully it sparked your curiosity!

There was a speed scrap at SM last night! It was hosted by the lovely, Denise, and she did a fabulous job! I LOVE how my LO came out!

{credits here}

Speed scrapping is so fun! I'm totally addicted. AND I'm happy to announce that next week we're bumping our Speed Scraps up to two a week. One daytime, and one evening session. Usually they will be on different days. Two in one day gets hairy!  Watch this forum.  That's where they'll announce the times and dates for next week.

Josh has a soccer game, and I have a photo shoot tonight. So - we're off on our own adventures. :) We are a little connected at the hip. We like to do things together mostly. But I'm glad he's found a soccer team and is having fun. And I'm excited to take pictures of my friend's little boy! It will be fun.

So . . . until tomorrow. . . see ya!

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