Friday, September 12, 2008

{Time for a New Couch!}

Confused by the subject? Well, read on. It will all make sense.

I have FOUR new items out today.

First up - two awesome paper packs I know you're gonna love!

"Used and Abused Paper Pack v.1"

"Used and Abused Paper Pack v.2"

Also new today . . .

"My Ribbon Jar"

I've dumped out my ribbon jar and I'm sharing my stash with all of you!! :)

And last but not least, by popular demand . . .

"Hang In There"

A whole bunch of unique hanging elements together in one pack!

So - what does all this have to do with a new couch you ask?

Well, Josh and I have had the ugliest old couch you've ever seen since before we were married and we've decided that its FINALLY time to get rid of it!! So - I'm having a


All the sales from the products I release today will go in our New Couch Fund!

(click to enlarge)

Can you believe how ugly it is?!  I promise you that is our ACTUAL couch sitting here in my living room right this very minute!

You read it right! To kick off the New Couch Fundraiser - I've packaged everything together in a special "New Couch Bundle" at a discounted price!!

Let me show you what my CT has created with all my new "New Couch" goods in the hopes that you'll be inspired and want to support the "New Couch" cause! hahaha!

{LO by Kelsy}

{2 LOs by Erica}

{2 LOs by Melissa}

{LO by Emily}

{LO by Jessica}

{LO by Kate}

{and finally one by me}

Ok - so are you totally psyched now to help me get a new couch?! HAHA I hope so!

Now - let's enjoy some Showin' Off!


Thanks for being Show Offs this week girls! You'll all be getting a $3.00 Gift Code as your thank you gift this week!

If you want to start showing off, just email me a LO using any Britt-ish Designs products, with "Show Off" as you subject line. Size your LO approx. 600x600 Saved for Web. Then next Friday I'll include your work in my Show Off Slideshow and send you a thank you gift!!

One last little thing. One of my Britt Girls, Paige, lives in Houston and had to evacuate due to Hurricane Ike. Her husband is out of town and she's on her own to get her daughter and cats outta town. I know there are many of you out there dealing with similar situations. Let's all say a prayer for Paige and the rest of our friends and loved ones in the path of the hurricanes this season, that they will all be safe and protected! Please really do stop and say a little prayer, ok?

Let's end on a happy note though. I hope you all have a GREAT Friday! I'm off for a fun girly day with my mom and aunt. Lunch and a matinee of the new Meg Ryan movie "The Women".  I hope its good! I'm so excited! See you later!


  1. You are too funny Britt! What a great idea and what awesome new releases!!!! Hope you can get the couch of your dreams soon!

  2. That is the funniest and greatest idea ever!! And I'm really dying over the hanging elements! I am going to be a proud and excited donation contributor in about 20 minutes! Thank you! Good luck on your future couch purchase! (Are we talkin' "Ikea" couch? Or real grown up "Ethan Allen" type??)

    Here's to new furniture!! (And a side toast to today's excellent offerings...I'm pretty much in love with them! Yeah!)

  3. Oh yeah... the couch needs to go!

    I'll be grabbing these fun new items this weekend for sure. The ribbons alone are to die for! :)

  4. Britt, I am doing digi-backflips over that pack of hangers! I am off to the store NOW. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for listening to my silent pleas. (Yeah, I know that doesn't make sense, but I'm just so freakin' excited over these things!)


  5. p.s. - I'll be glad to send my toddler over to bounce on your old couch some more ... or even to break in the new one?!!


  6. I love love love the worn paper look! Plus there are SO many fun ribbons! You have done it again-an amazing kit!! Good luck with the new couch, you'll have to post what you get! Let us know how the Meg Ryan flick goes too!

  7. Britt, I LOVE your new releases. As soon as the kids go down tonight, I am SOOOO getting it. I am always searching my kits for hangers and ribbons and I am so excited to get this stuff.

  8. That's hillarious Britt...hopefully your sales lead to enough moola for a new couch!!!! LOVE the new stuff, ALL of it! Definitely going to be picking it up soon!!! :)

  9. I am so excited about "the ribbon jar"!! Just the other day I was thinking how I need more ribbons!!

  10. I love your distressed papers! The purples and oranges look perfect for trick or treat LOs. Good luck with your couch fund!!!

  11. You have to TOTALLY keep us in the loop when you get your NEW couch!! LOVE the distressed papers!

  12. HAHA I think that is such a funny idea!! SO GREAT! I love the new couch bundle, that is some GREAT stuff!!

  13. Perfect timing! I had just received some money in my PayPal account and now I see this wonderful pack. I'll head over to the shop and make a purchase now, this will be my first from you, I think. :)

    I hope you get a lot for your Couch fund!


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