Monday, October 20, 2008

{home again, home again}

I'm baaaaack! It's good to be home, but oh man did we have a great trip!! It was so incredible to have my man all to myself for a whole week! Not to mention to be alone with him at DISNEYLAND! We had a great time and enjoyed MANY days of magic!

(thank goodness for the photopass photographers! I'm glad they told us to kiss and got this shot! Its one of my faves from the trip!)

It was quite an unusual trip however. Besides having SO MANY days there, I somehow managed to injure my foot toward the end of the first day and spent the 2nd, 3rd and half of the 4th day in a wheel chair! Yes, poor Josh had to push me all over the parks. It was super embarrassing at first, but I guess I got over it. Luckily, I was able to walk the last couple of days. It was a whole new experience enjoying Disneyland from a chair!

But I couldn't walk on it, and I was NOT about to sit in my hotel room and miss out on any Disneyland time! So - here I am in my wheel chair! It did help us get through some lines faster (not all of them). So that was sort of nice.

And on top of all of that I got sick on the 3rd day. A nasty wicked cold/sinus infection that is still with me. It is NOT FUN. I swear I always get sick on my Disneyland trips! It's so frustrating. Some day I'll have a healthy injury free trip.

But even with all of that we had an amazing trip and I cried like a baby when we left. It was a wonderful week and I wish we could do it again right now! I thought by then we'd be ready to come home but we were very sad it was over!!  I'm so lucky to have a husband who loves Disneyland as much as I do and wants to spend as much time there as I do.  We are totally M.F.E.O. and this was an amazing anniversary trip!!  Thanks baby for the good times!  I love being married to you.

I have to say I did miss scrapbooking!  I'm actually itching to scrap something right now . . . hmm yes I might just have to scrap this afternoon instead of work.  I should work though.  Decisions decisions. . . .

Hey - just so you know the Speed Scraps at SM this week are:
Evening Speed Scrap:  Wednesday 10/22, at 7pm MST
Daytime Speed Scrap: Thursday 10/23, at 1pm MST

After my vacation I'm in desperate need of some Speed Scrapping so count me in for both!!

AND I am hosting a new "Matter of Scrap" challenge at SM that started today!! It's all about TIME! haha Check it out here! '

Here is the LO I scrapped before our trip for it . . .


I hope you'll all play along!

See you guys around!!


  1. So glad you're home and that you had a great time!! :D

  2. I am so happy that you are back! Looks like you and Josh had an amazing trip! The kissing picture is too sweet! Oh and I love the picture of you in the wheelchair, poor ankle!!

  3. So glad you're back! Sorry to hear that you were sick and got hurt. You look like such a good sport!

  4. Welcome back Britt! We missed you! :) I'm sorry you were so unlucky to get first hurt and then sick, but I'm sure you enjoyed the trip nonetheless.

  5. Only Disney magic would keep a trip with injuries and illness still fun! I love the photopass kissing picture and the pouty wheelchair, they are awesome photos! I'm glad you had a great time. I'm a little selfish though, I hope it inspired you for more Disney kits LOL!

  6. Yay, so glad to hear about your good times, injuries, illness and all! You guys are such a beautiful couple.


  7. Glad you had a great trip to Disneyland! Disney is my favorite place to be too, and we were at Disney World last week! It's become an annual trip for me, my husband, and my brother and parents. I love your Disney pics and all your Disney kits!

  8. Welcome Home!!! What a great pic!!! Love that big ol' Mickey behind ya. I've got a really neat LO I did that I think you're really going to get a kick out of. i'm just about finished, have a couple of finishing touches to put on it then I'll send it to ya. I got hit with a cold/flu/something or other that knocked me on my BUTT for a few days. But I got this bad boy scrapped! lol

    I hope you feel better soon!!!!!!

  9. YEAH! I'm so glad you're back! Can't wait to see what is newly inspired! LO's and work! :)

  10. I'm so glad you're home safely, but sorry to hear about your foot! When I was younger, my mom got to tour Disney in style in a wheelchair too. The first day of our trip, her feet and ankles swelled up! She didn't want the rest of us to miss out on the fun, so she braved being in the wheelchair for a few days! Glad to hear you did the same thing and that it's doing better! :)

  11. Welcome Home, Britt!! So envious of your trip but can't wait to go in December :) I love your passion for Disney ... you'd fit right in with our little family! My girls look forward to it every year!!! Hope you are feeling much better soon ;)

  12. so glad you had such a wonderful trip!! jelous!!bummer about your injury!!


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