Sunday, October 5, 2008

{the littlest brother}

Since its Cameron's birthday this week, I decided I would scrap him next for my 52 Blessings project. He's my littlest brother, but as he is turning SIXTEEN this week, he's not really little anymore. You can see in the picture that he is taller than me. I'm officially the shortest and oldest sibling. WEIRD. I knew it would happen some day but its still weird.

{credits here}

So that's my blessing today. :) This is my 24th week!! I'm almost half-way done. CRAZY. Time is flying by.

Alright so, one of my Britt Girls, Paige, is pretty much the most amazing woman ever. She made Halloween/October Gift Baskets for all her neighbors (keep in mind she just recently moved in, was evacuated with the hurricanes, and is just barely getting back into the swing of normal life - yeah she's like Super Mom). But I had to show off her work here because she used my new "A Halloween Nightmare" kit to decorate her baskets!!

I know right?!! Don't you wish you lived in Paige's neighborhood!?

And on top of all that, she also scrapped this adorable LO with the kit too.

Paige - even though you make me look like a total slob and slacker, you seriously RULE.


  1. WOW! I am way impressed with Paige's stuff!! and I love your new October design. That pic of you and Josh is so cute!

  2. Aw, you are just too nice to me. If I was half as amazing/giving/thoughtful as you THEN I really would be super-mom. Thanks for the kind words. And I can't believe you're half-way done with your blessing. You inspire me to want to do it!

  3. What great stuff Paige created. I should make something cute like that for the neighbors (since we just moved as well) but maybe for Christmas!

    Love the new Halloween look for your blog!

  4. Your blog header is supa dupa fly, Britt!!!

  5. Oh, those gift baskets are so darling... and the new kit, well. I had to have it. Its so fun!

  6. Wow she had all that done and there's still a few weeks til Halloween! Amazing :)

  7. WOW!!! She is putting us all to shame. Here, I felt like super mom when I went out ding dong ditching on Friday night to "haunt" 2 neighbors with just a simple little foil covered plate of cookies. Paige rocks!!! :) Wanna more to my street? :)

    Loving the header and today my goal Britt is to FINISH my wicked page... LOL


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