Friday, October 24, 2008

{lookin' at the bright side} freebie alert!

Is it just me or does it feel awesome to have a Friday new release? I mean - I only missed 1 week but now that I'm typing this post I finally feel back on track!

ANYWAY - wanna see what I've whipped up?? Introducing . . .

"The Bright Side"

I came home from our trip with a desire for a bright, poppy, fun, energetic kit and this is what I came up with. I think I love it!! :)

AND if you buy during the next 7 days you get this bonus alpha totally free!!

Check out what my team and I scrapped with it!

{LOs by ME!}

{LOs by Denise}

{LO by Melissa}

{LO by Kelsy}

{LO by Erica}

{LO by Paige}

Fun huh?! Make sure you pick up the add-on freebie at the end of this post!! This kit is so versatile! I loved seeing how everyone used it. Hope you guys love it too!

Ok - let's see some Show Offs now, shall we?


Thanks to all the Show Offs! This week you're all getting any 1 of my template packs for free! Watch your email inboxes for the coupon code!!

If you want to Show Off and get a gift next Friday, just email me a LO (or a link to a LO) using any Britt-ish Designs product to designerbrittney at gmail dot com.

Are you ready for your freebie now?!

Just a few extra goodies to make "The Bright Side" even bigger and more complete! Download your freebie HERE. Say hi when you download and ENJOY!

We're officially on baby-watch starting this weekend. My brother and SIL should be having their new baby girl very soon!! So I'll have another beautiful niece to scrap! HAHA I can't wait!!! See you on Sunday with some blessing LOs (I've got 3 weeks to catch up on).  Maybe one of them will be my new niece!

Until then . . .


  1. You are amazing! How in the world do you blog, go to Disney Land, scrap oh I don't know I have counted 5 lo's, and create amazing kits. All I can say is WOW! You must know your way around a computer far better than I.

  2. loving the new kit :D hoping to be at the show-offs next week!

    thanks for the add-on!
    have a blessed weekend :)

  3. Oh, my gosh! How did I forget to send you a new show off!?!?! Seriously... I was just sitting on them... :(

  4. Those are some fantab LOs! Love the new kit!! I was looking thru your store this morning & saw it..thought it was new!!
    I've got a couple more pics I think you'll get a kick out of that I need to scrap. GAH I need more hours in the day!!!

  5. Britt- Love the new kit, the colors are AWESOME and so fun! Love the Britt Girls too, I know I always say that but I am always impressed!

  6. Love the new kit! And thanks for the show-off freebie as well!

  7. Totally love your new kit Britt. Those colours are amazing as I love anything bright and colourful. Love the wings too. Thanks for your add-on too!

  8. I LOVE the new kit Britt!! I love bright colors and this kit is so happy!!

  9. I love your new kit, and wanted to say thanks for the freebie - I also looked back through your old posts and scooped up the rest that were still available. I don't remember how I ended up at your blog, but am now heading over to your store to look around! Thanks again for everything!

  10. Fun, fun, fun kit! And thanks for the awesome freebie!

  11. I don't think I have told you how much I have missed you! Your kits get a little bit better with every one you create (who woulda thunk?)


    Can't wait to get my hands on the new one!

    Welcome home Brit!

  12. Love your kit!!!
    So bright!!!
    Thank you so much :))

  13. THanks so much!!! And I hope your new niece's entry to the world is a wonderful one!

  14. Thanks so much! It's such a beautiful kit!

  15. Thanks Britt - love love LOVE your designs!

  16. Thanks! Found it and I hope this one unzips properly! =)


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