Sunday, November 9, 2008

{the blessing of health}

I am so thrilled to show you my blessing this week!!  Why, you ask?  It's because I FINALLY - after 4 weeks - can say I feel healthy! So that's what my blessing is. Health & strength!!

{full credits}

I used HayNay Designs brand new kit, "Beautiful Blessings". Heather is quickly becoming a majorly talented designer. We're so lucky to have her at ScrapMatters.

Ok, so my new little niece Ella is so precious! I just LOVE holding her! They don't stay in that tiny snuggly newborn stage for very long so I'm loving every minute of it.

Isn't she so gorgeous?

Well - that's pretty much it from me tonight. OOOH one quick announcement. There's a morning speed scrap tomorrow at 10am Mountain time. Christy is hosting and the participation prize is awesome. I'm excited.

See ya later!!


  1. Adorable!! That last picture of you two is just so sweet... makes me smile. Been a long time since I've gotten to come by your blog- let me tell you, I loved your Halloween kit! Will be great for my upcoming trip to Disneyland- yay =)


  2. That is a darling photo of you and your niece. And this is totally random....but I totally have the pants that go with your sweatshirt...and I think they're my favorite Disneyland purchase of all time!! I just knew I liked you for a have great taste! Thanks for all the inspiration and great taste that you spread to strangers Britt. I really have seen an improvement in my own abilities since stumbling across your blog.

    Oh, and mostly....thanks for loving Disney and Disneyland! It makes me feel less obsessed, and!

    Glad you're feeling better,
    a fan...

  3. AMEN!! I am so thankful for good health these days too!
    Your new niece is ADORABLE!! And you look very comfy with her there...I feel some cuddle time coming on around there. How is Eden holding up??


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