Saturday, November 15, 2008

{can you feel the love?}

Ok so I am just having a wonderful day! I have to start out by saying a big, giant, very sincere

to everyone who contributed to my New Couch Fun! We went sofa shopping again today and had almost given up hope until we spotted it. The last one we saw. THE ONE.

I don't know if you can tell form the photo, but it's gorgeous in real life. It's from Ashley Furniture, high quality, SO SO comfy, and the first substantial not-hand-me-down piece of furniture we've ever purchased! We get to go pick it up on Monday. We wanted the matching ottomans but they are like crazy expensive, and the sales guy told us about their warehouse sale where they are selling ottomans very cheap. So we're headed there on Monday as well in the hopes of finding somewhat matching padded ottomans.

So as soon as its in my house I'll post a picture. Then you guys can tell me what else to do with the rest of the room!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making it possible to have a real life grown up couch! I can't wait for Monday!!!!

The next wonderful thing that happened today!! I got a package in the mail from Kim, one of our fabulous ScrapMatters team members. She created these awesome hybrid albums and out of the goodness of her heart, decided to send one to ME! Can you believe that!?! She just knew I'd love it, so she sent it to me! I was blown away by her kindness!!

Thank you so much Kim! I LOVE IT!!

I'll finish up by posting a few LO's I've done lately, but haven't posted here. LOTS of new fabulous products from the designer I CT for, so if you like the products you see, check out my credits and you'll find a link to get the kit!!

This first LO is from the day my new baby niece was born. I used the free kit you get in the ScrapMatters November Newsletter.

{full credits}

One of my favorite LOs, and favorite kits for that matter, that I've scrapped in a while - this LO is my other sweetie niece from this past July. She's so fun to photograph.

{full credits}

A fun little LO about me (I don't do those very often).

{full credits}

And one last one from Christmas '07.

{full credits}

Josh took me to my first major league soccer game tonight (brrrr it was cold!) and they lost! But it was still fun. We sat on the front row with a bunch of Josh's friends. They all love Real Salt Lake in a crazy!  Soccer fans are nuts. People were throwing smoke bombs and streamers and all kinds of stuff all through the game. It was entertaining for sure.

So you see - its been a totally wonderful day!! Can you feel the love?

Ok - that's enough from me for tonight! See you later!!


  1. Wow, that couch looks comfy!! Enjoy ;) I love the unforgettable LO and the LO about you. :D

    Have a great Sunday!

  2. congrats on your couch--I can't believe you were at the game. We just watched on TV & felt bad for the people there freezing!

  3. Wow! I LOVE the new couch! I'll have to stop by and see it in real life :)

  4. Wow that was a lot of fun for one day! And I love your new couch! I am jealous for sure! Our poor off white couches are starting to look rather kid friendly these days. We need to save up for some super duper micro fiber kid-proof couches!

  5. GREAT STUFF Brittney! I love all these pages! You are so awesome!

  6. I'm so glad you liked the album- fit it up with lots of magic!!! **HUGS**

  7. That's my dream couch, with a matching recliner or two... great pick!

  8. I have that same couch with the chair and otto. I love it too.


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