Tuesday, November 25, 2008

{we've been elfed!}

So I remember seeing a few people's "elf" videos last holiday season, but this year the videos really improved!! I made this one for us, and I about die laughing every time I watch it. I think I've watched it 10 times now. Somehow Josh got put in the girl's role and . . . well just watch it!!

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Hope that made you smile!!

So guess what!! We're having a hug Black Friday celebration at ScrapMatters!!

I just finished my grab bag last night and I went a little nuts on it!! It's PACKED to the brim with new products. I can't WAIT to release it!!!

We are really excited about our Black Friday blog train too. You won't BELIEVE the stash of treats you'll pick up along the train. It's incredible.

Ok - so I need some help. I REALLY want to decorate my living room but I'm sort of at a loss. A) with Christmas right around the corner we have no money to decorate. And B) I have paneling on 2 of my walls! And as renters there's nothing we can do about that.  So . . . how do I decorate around my paneling?? I've been thinking of doing a brown, white and light blue color scheme (I really wanted lime green and brown but Josh put his foot down and said no to the lime green! haha).  But do like retro style, so our old retro house should lend itself to our style.  Right?  haha

So - here's my room. HELP! What does it need? Send pictures, links to great decorating ideas, stuff like that!!

We're hoping to find an amazing deal on a flat screen this holiday season, which would also give us an excuse to buy this awesome entertainment center from Ikea we've been eyeing (sorry I can't find it online to show you). So, hopefully that's what the wall with the TV on it will turn into someday in the not too distant future. But we'll see. . .

But our weirdo off center fireplace is a problem. The mantel super skinny & therefore hard to decorate. And then there is the issue of lighting. Right now the lighting set up is sort of a joke!!

And here's our new couch. Isn't it so pretty?!

And my office area - where I live - right behind the couch area.

We both love our paper lamp, but this is a horrible place for it. Where should it go??

And this big cool retro wall box thing and a big empty wall is just to the left of the TV wall.

I was thinking of doing this on this big empty wall. But I'm not positive. There is also one other good place for this but its in the dining room area.

Ok so HELP!! I know there are plenty of you out there more talented in the interior design arena than me!! Christmas decorations are going up this weekend, so I can probably stand to have it this way + Christmas stuff until the new year when I have some money for real decorating. But I still need help!!

Ok - that's enough blabbing from me for today. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!

Peace out.


  1. We finally painted the old paneling in our dining room (used to be den). I wish we had done it 20 years ago. Use Kilz for the base coat, then paint any color over it! Gone is the old paneling look replaced with a fresh new canvas! I love ours!

  2. Post your pictures at http://ratemyspace.hgtv.com/SNC/Main.aspx?pguid=6db6be3f-1720-4ba3-a081-999042c09b6b and maybe you'll get picked for a FREE makeover! Also, you can get a ton of ideas by viewing other rooms there. One inexpensive thing that renters can do is to cover their walls (i.e. the paneling) with fabric. Just soak the fabric in liquid starch, then apply to walls. It comes right off when you move! http://www.rentaldecorating.com/quick_fix_fabric_on_walls.htm

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  4. Can't seem to get the full link in here without a space, so here it is with extra space. This website has TONS of ideas for renters!


  5. I love your elf dance, hilarious!! So much funnier than the last few years, I'm about to do one of Joseph and I.

    Your house is so cute! I love how you said the fireplace is off centre.. that's such a scrappers thing to say. I thought the same thing when I first saw the photo. LOVE the panel photos like in that link.. SO cool!

    Ooh, p.s. nice couch!

  6. I love your place Britt! That new couch is sooooooooo cute but reminds me how bad mine are! (Eeeek!)

    I LOVE the photo wall idea. I LOVE PHOTOS and was actually thinking of the same thing today as I was looking around all the empty walls of our new place. I saw something similar on Tori and Dean and wanted to fix er up as soon as the money became available! DEFINITELY after XMAS!!!!

    Can't wait for the sale on Friday. You have SUCH a way of draggin me in there. I don't even need a sale. Your designs have always been worth full price!

  7. Here are my ideas, take them for what they are worth... (maybe not much) :) LOL

    If you can paint the paneling i'd do it in a second! :)

    Renting that may not be an option. My idea is to mount the flat screen Over the fireplace and position the couch in front of the fireplace so you can see the TV. Then do the big nice square pics (which I LOVE by the way) on the big panel wall (will help distract the fact that it's paneling and add big impact to the room. Move the Paper lamp where the other standing lamp is ( to the right of the fireplace) and that lamp that is there, by your desk.

    Move the bookshelf over by your desk to make a little "office" area. Get a little chair of some type to put to the right of the couch on an angle for more TV viewing seating and TA-DA! new super cool living area.

    LOVE the couch BTW!

  8. I would totall go retro.

    I like the color scheme you are talking about...but I would totally sneak a little lime green in there!

    Since you can't paint your walls, maybe you could paint the furniture...may the book shelf and the tv table.

    And I would totally hammer another board on top of your existing mantle...the Landlord probably wouldn't even notice, and if he did, you could always just take it out and putty up the holes.

    Even a little more depth there would give you a lot more options.

    I would be haunting DI, and Savers and look for old stuff that would fit right in.

    You could do a little screen behind the couch to give a separation to your work space...you might not want to have it up when it's just you guys, but when you have company, it would be great.

    Can't wait to see what you do.

  9. You couch is so nice! I love how you changed things around. It looks great. I love the idea of putting those large pictures on your wall. I think it would look nice.

  10. :) LOVE the video...only Josh could still look manly doing those moves.
    I would LOVE to see how the fabric looks on the paneling~ sounds like a neat idea!
    And your couch is so deluxe! What a fun room! I love the idea of the tv over the fireplace, some friends of ours did it and it looks AWESOME. Maybe DH can make a trip up to help you out with that...lol. We aren't going ANYWHERE these days!!
    I miss chatting you...we need to talk soon. ;)
    Happy Decorating!

  11. Britt, I just love those Jib Jab videos. I did one last year for quite a few of my son's friends and they all loved them although some of the then 4-5 year old girls had boobs on the female elfs which was hilarious! I'm on their mailing list and saw the new ones the other day so have to get them made up as the kids keep hassling me!

  12. I love the way you re-arranged everything! I am terrible at decorating advice but I love that couch!

  13. Okay, You and Josh as elves is the funniest thing I've ever seen! Gracelyn LOVED watching it! I'm going to try to do it too!

  14. I am SO glad I found your blog and link to scrapmatters on DisBoards today. You are my Disney accomplice!!! lol!!!

    Am headed to DL in January after CHA and "need" your page kits!!!

    I don't have decorating advice.
    We bought a room of furniture from Wilderness Lodge at WDW and let that be it!

    Keep creating! You're wonderful!

  15. I love Darby's ideas! I was going to say that you need something long and skinny above that fireplace. I'm thinking if you don't put the tv up there a Super long cropped photo would look great. Love the photo wall idea! And I'm thinking that you and Josh should (or could get) a big pic of you two in a field? on a mountain? standing next to an old building - but something where the camera person is way back and you two are off center - frame it - mount it - viola!

    Just thought I'd throw that out there. Then if you decided to do the photo wall thing in another area of the same room, you'd have a theme going on.



  16. i have no decorating advice for you... sorry! but i have to tell you that your elf video cracked me up. oh my goodness, that was a good laugh.


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