Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{speed scrap TONIGHT!}

Hello!! So I TOTALLY spaced it and missed the daytime speed scrap yesterday. Monday morning speed scraps are my favorite, so I'm way bummed!! But . . . there is an evening speed scrap tonight at 7pm Mountain time. I'm planning on doing this one. So if I'm missing, someone email me! haha The prize tonight is a good one! Check it out here.

I posted a new "Everyday Magic" challenge yesterday. You can read all about it here. Basically the challenge is just to scrap something "typical". You can interpret that in any way you'd like. Here's what I scrapped: a typical Sunday afternoon sitting around watching my niece Eden play! My entire family does this and its funny how entertained we all are by it. We're just smitten.

{credits here}

I used this cute new kit by Sya's Blueprints called "Learning Curve". It's so full of awesome papers and elements, I feel like I could still use it to make 3 more pages and not be tired of it. And I just noticed its on sale for only $3.50 right now!

And apparently I'm on a blocking kick, because I just finished this LO of my other niece Ella. These are photos I took of her at one of the many family parties we had last week.

{credits here}

Isn't she so cute?! I just love her little face!

Ok - one more page (I've been a scrapping kick the last couple days! It's nice to finally have time!). This one is for a Re-Do challenge we've been having at the DIS. We were challenges to take a Disney LO we did in the past that we just don't really love and Re-Do it! I knew just the page!!

I scrapped this last April and I just never loved it. It's weird and boring.

But I LOVE my Re-Do! It matches the colors in the photo better, its more my style, and it reflects the story of the photo better too!

{credits here}

Thanks, Melissa, for the fun Re-Do challenge!!

Ok - can I just rant a little here. Cars are necessary evils. I love my car, and I'm proud of myself for actually paying it off, but it gives me pains. It's REALLY been acting up these days so we finally took it in and of course its not an easy fix! :( Luckily I have a brilliant husband who took the extra time that the mechanic would never do, did some online research and figured out a way to (hopefully) save a LOT of money on the repair. He's so smart. I'm so lucky to have him. But still - my car is in the shop and I'm stuck at home for a while! haha

Can you believe its new year's eve tomorrow?! I can't. Its going to be 2009?! That is just crazy. This year has just flown by. Especially the end of it. I swear it was just barely Halloween. We have fun New Year's Eve and New Year's Day plans though, so I'm really looking forward to it!!

Alright - enough rambling for one day. See you later!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

{the Christ Child}

This week my blessing was easy to choose. As we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ this week I was filled with gratitude. He has blessed my life in so many ways. I feel so lucky to know that he is my Savior and that He was born to this earth, lived and died so that I could be forgiven of my sins & live with Him some day. I am soooo thankful that we take this time to celebrate His birth.

{full credits}

That's my blessing this week. :)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

{my scrapping as of late}

I haven't posted any LOs (other than my pages using my own new products) for a while! Here's what I've been scrapping these days . . .

First up - some older pics!! This was Josh and my first New Year's Eve together - ringing in 2005! Man - time flies.


The funny thing is, we are going to somewhat recreate this night with my cousin and her husband this New Years! They were about to get married the next day and are now back to celebrate their 4th anniversary. It's going to be fun! And isn't this kit cute? It's a new collab. from MiraDesigns and JanaM. "Party @ Midnight". I love it!!

Ok next is a speed scrap from a couple weeks ago! I really don't think I ever posted it here!


This is from when my family flew to Kansas City this summer for a family reunion.

Ok - next up - a LO I did almost a month ago! haha I never posted it! It was for the November QP exchange at SM. It's of my cute nephews two years ago at Christmas!


ANOTHER speed scrap from last week! :) I found some photos from our trip to Sea World back in '07 that I hadn't scrapped yet! I thought I was done with Sea World, but I was wrong!


This is yet another Speed Scrap from two weeks ago. (gosh I guess its good I do the speed scraps or I'd never get any pages done!)


Some fun happy pics from this summer. I got sick of winter pages and needed a little taste of summer! :) heehee

I have to hurry and get my QP exchange LO done for December!! The kit we're using is "Benjamin" by Jeni Hopewell. It's 30% off and so cute!

Anyway - next LO is another Speed Scrap. This one from last week. My silly husband.


Alright - last one! Haha This one I did today. Pics from my birthday dinner a week ago.


Ok - that's it! :) All my latest scrapbook pages. One of my new year's resolutions for 2009 is to print my pages more often and try to keep my books more up to date with what I've scrapped.

Oooh hey guess what! Tangie Baxter Designs is having a sweet awesome year-end sale. You can get 30% off the top of the already marked down price by entering this code: yearENDsale. You can find out more about it HERE.

Ok - well - that's it for today. See you later!

Friday, December 26, 2008

{let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!}

Hello hello!!  It feels like a long time since I've blogged!! Christmas and come and gone. I hope yours was happy! Our Christmas was great. LOTS of bouncing back and forth and back and forth all day from my parent's house to Josh's parent's house. And even though that is exhausting, we are happy to be able to be with both our families. I will admit though, this morning I feel like I have a Christmas hangover. I have a head ache, my eyes are bloodshot, I slept WAY in, and I'm still tired! I'm sure poor Josh feels the same, but he had to get up early and go to work!! He just emailed me and said he spent 45 minutes this morning digging his car out of the snow!! My poor baby!

But . . . speaking of snow!! We have just been DUMPED with snow over the last week. It is AWESOME!! I love when it snows like this. We don't always get this much snow. We are lovin' it!! Even Josh who spent all that time digging his car out wouldn't complain. He loves to have tons of snow.

All this snow has inspired my new mini-kit today!! So without further ado . . .

"My Toes Are Cold!"

It's in the shop now! Full of icy colors with pops of pink and purple! This mini-kit is versatile enough almost any photos. Here are a few from me and my team.

{LO by me}

{full credits here}

{LO by Melissa}

{LO by Erica}

{LO by Denise}

Fun, huh?? I hope you like it!!

Are we ready to view some Show Offs. As expected with the holiday and all, its a small slideshow today, but its still jam-packed with gorgeous LOs!

All of this week's Show Offs are getting my new "My Toes Are Cold!" mini-kit as their gift!!

If your Show Off LO is missing from the slideshow or your don't receive your gift email today, email me and let me know!!

I can't wait to see what Show Offs I get this week! If you're anything like me, your camera is bursting with a ton of new holiday photos to scrap!!

Well - I think that's it from me. I'm going to go find some food and put my feet up for a bit!!  Catch you later!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

{weekend wrap up}

Hello there. Our weekend is winding down, so I thought I'd give you the wrap up. :) Basically its been a whirlwind of holiday preparations and whatnot. I pretty much finished up the last few things I had on my Christmas gift list on Friday. I was really tired, but I was glad to get it all done. We stayed in Friday night. I worked on some gifts I was making, we ordered pizza. It was fun.

Saturday I shipped a couple presents, and pretty much wrapped presents for the rest of the day! I LOVE to wrap presents, so it was an awesome day. And now I have a nice pretty pile of presents to look at until Christmas! :)

Last night we got together with Josh's family to celebrate my birthday. Its our tradition to go out to dinner for each birthday. I picked Brick Oven, a yummy pizza/pasta place for who don't live 'round these parts. :) haha

It was really yummy and a very fun time. I appreciate the family taking me out dinner during this BUSY BUSY time of year.

After dinner Josh and I drove around some ritzy parts of town and enjoyed the Christmas lights! I was bummed we dropped the camera off at home because there were some amazing houses. Maybe we'll go back with the camera one night.

After lights we went to a late show of "Bolt". Ok - I know I'm a little biases because I love Disney, but seriously Bolt was SO ADORABLE!! I really enjoyed it. We were laughing so hard at some parts! It was a really great movie. I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet! Oh - AND the Pixar short before the movie was AWESOME too!

That's pretty much our weekend. I'm just about to go make dinner. We didn't go to my parent's house for dinner tonight because my mom is having my dad's whole side of the family over tomorrow for dinner. So that should be fun. We pretty much have something every single night from now through the 26th. Busy but lots of fun things to do!

ANYWAY - here is my blessing for today. I got to take some family pictures of my SIL and her adorable boys for their Christmas card this year.

{credits here}

(This little mini-kit I used is called "Vintage Inspired Christmas Set #2" by Tangie Baxter and its only 2 bucks!!  It's a great deal.)

I feel so blessed to be related to AND to be friends with this sweet family. AND they are expecting their first GIRL! I'm so excited!! A girl in the mix will be so fun for them! So this will be their last Christmas card with all boys! haha funny.  

Alrighty - well I am hungry so I better go start dinner.

Don't forget the 50% off sale I have on last year's holiday products ends tonight at midnight - so pick up the stuff you want while its on sale!

See ya!

Friday, December 19, 2008

{happy friday!}

Hello! Its Friday and time for a new product. It's been really busy week (aren't we all having a "really busy week"?), so I just have one new item today, but I think you're gonna like it!

"Inspired by Kate Templates"

My FABULOUS Britt Girl, Kate (kateypie), generous allowed me to turn some of her beautiful layouts into templates! Here are her original creations I used to inspired the template pack!

And here are a few LOs by me and my CT using these new templates.

{LO by Erica} also using "It's Christmas Time in the City" and "Life's a Party"

{LO by Jess} also using "Fairchild"

{LO by Paige} also using "It's Christmas Time In The City", "Electric Pop", "So Flakey", "Glitzy Sticker Alpha", & "Label Tape Alpha"

{LO by Melissa} also using "Enchantment", "The Bright Side" & "Missed the Bus"

{LO by Kelsy} also using "It's Christmas Time In the City", & "Snowbound"

(Kelsy used the templates to do a 2-pager! Click each page to enlarge)

{LO by me} also using "White Christmas", "Gretchen", & "Minnie Alpha"

{full credits here}

Kate and I have been digi-scrap pals for such a long time now, I have just loved creating these templates based on her work. It was not easy to just pick four! I hope you like 'em as much as I do!!

Ok - time to do some showin' off. . .

Awesome Show Offs this week ladies! All the Show Offs this week are all getting my new "Inspired by Kate Templates" as your gift! I just enjoy getting your LOs so much!! If you notice your LO is missing from the slideshow, or you don't receive your gift email this morning, please don't hesitate to email and let me know. It's so difficult to keep all the LOs and email addresses straight!

And if you want to Show Off and get a gift each Friday, just email me a LO using any Britt-ish Designs products before midnight on Thursday! We do it every week. :)

And one more item of business that you will for SURE not want to miss!! As a special holiday treat, I'm marking all of last year's holiday and winter products down 50% off for this weekend only!! So . . . if you don't any of the following products - now is the time to get 'em! I have NEVER marked anything 50% off before, so seriously - if you want these, get 'em now. This is the cheapest they've ever been and probably ever will be!!


LOs by Melissa & Kelsy

"Life's a Party"

LOs by Melissa & Paige

So all 4 of these products are 50% off this weekend (12/19 thru 12/21).

"It's Christmas Time In The City"
"So Flakey"
"Life's A Party"

Well - I think its time to say goodbye and head out for some Christmas shopping, then I have a lunch date with my hubby!! Have a super Friday!!

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