Friday, December 26, 2008

{let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!}

Hello hello!!  It feels like a long time since I've blogged!! Christmas and come and gone. I hope yours was happy! Our Christmas was great. LOTS of bouncing back and forth and back and forth all day from my parent's house to Josh's parent's house. And even though that is exhausting, we are happy to be able to be with both our families. I will admit though, this morning I feel like I have a Christmas hangover. I have a head ache, my eyes are bloodshot, I slept WAY in, and I'm still tired! I'm sure poor Josh feels the same, but he had to get up early and go to work!! He just emailed me and said he spent 45 minutes this morning digging his car out of the snow!! My poor baby!

But . . . speaking of snow!! We have just been DUMPED with snow over the last week. It is AWESOME!! I love when it snows like this. We don't always get this much snow. We are lovin' it!! Even Josh who spent all that time digging his car out wouldn't complain. He loves to have tons of snow.

All this snow has inspired my new mini-kit today!! So without further ado . . .

"My Toes Are Cold!"

It's in the shop now! Full of icy colors with pops of pink and purple! This mini-kit is versatile enough almost any photos. Here are a few from me and my team.

{LO by me}

{full credits here}

{LO by Melissa}

{LO by Erica}

{LO by Denise}

Fun, huh?? I hope you like it!!

Are we ready to view some Show Offs. As expected with the holiday and all, its a small slideshow today, but its still jam-packed with gorgeous LOs!

All of this week's Show Offs are getting my new "My Toes Are Cold!" mini-kit as their gift!!

If your Show Off LO is missing from the slideshow or your don't receive your gift email today, email me and let me know!!

I can't wait to see what Show Offs I get this week! If you're anything like me, your camera is bursting with a ton of new holiday photos to scrap!!

Well - I think that's it from me. I'm going to go find some food and put my feet up for a bit!!  Catch you later!!


  1. SUCH a beautiful kit!
    I love it and can't wait to scrap with are a fountain of ideas.

    Sorry about the Christmas hangover! :( And poor Josh having to dig his car out. One good thing about AZ winters, I guess!

  2. Thankyou so much for the kit, it's really lovely - the little flowers are particularly gorgeous! I'm thinking of pictures to scrap with it already!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Fooey! I knew I should have done something so I could do a Show-off! I wasn't sure if you'd be taking the day off, but what a great mini-kit! So cute!

  5. This is such a great kit! I love it! We were catching some snow in Durango last week. We loved it, and then came back to sunny southern California!!!

  6. Britt- thanks so much for the kit. I almost feel guilty accepting it just for you using your gorgeous products!!! You are really an incredible designer!!!


    Christine (inHisgrip)


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