Friday, December 5, 2008

{little vixen}

Hey guys!  Happy Friday!!  Let's see . . . where to start . . . 

Ok - first up - I've decided to extend my grab bag and leave it in the store at $3 for another week. So it will be revealed next Friday. So if you haven't picked it up yet, you can still get it this week.

Today I have a new alpha in the shop!

"Little Vixen Alpha"

And here's what my team and I came up with!

{LO by Erica}

{LO by Melissa}

{LO by Paige}

{LO by me!}

{full credits here}

Fun huh?! I hope you guys like it.

Let's check out the Show Offs this week!!

Looks like we're all back from Thanksgiving and Showing Off again!! I was a little worried when I got so few last week! HAHA. All my Show Offs are getting my new "Little Vixen" alpha as their gift! So - check those inboxes. (If you don't get an email from me this morning, email me and let me know!)

If you want a gift too all you have to do is show off! Email me a LO using any Britt-ish Designs product (freebies, templates, anything) before next Friday and I'll put you in my slideshow and send you a gift!!

That's it for me this week! Short and sweet!! I have to admit, I've felt a little burnt out after last week's grab bag and Black Friday sale and all that. It was a whirwind that left me a little deflated. But I think I've got a good start on a new fun kit for next week so I'll get my motor running soon enough.

I'm excited to speed scrap this afternoon. There's a daytime Speed Scrap at SM at 11am, so come join us if you can!! I feel like I haven't speed scrapped in a long time, so I'm really lookin' forward to it!

There's also a Saturday Night speed scrap, so come to that too!! I will be at my 2 year old nephew's birthday party, so I won't be there, but you all can have fun without me! :)

OH! I almost forgot!! DUH!!

Erica Zane has a SWEET new kit out today called "Josh of the Jungle". I SERIOUSLY love it.

And here is the page I scrapped with it . . .

{full credits here}

This is my little cousin Kaden being tickle tortured. Is "tickle torture" a normal phrase or is one of those funny things only my family says?! I don't know if I've heard other people say it. ANYWAY . . . "Josh of the Jungle" is seriously awesome. AND 30% off today only, so go grab it!!  AND she has a cute add-on freebie on her blog too!

Ok - that's really it this time! See you later - or in a couple hours for those who are coming to speed scrap!!


  1. Yes, we say "tickle torture" too! Thanks so much for the alpha, you're the best! I'm looking forward to seeing your new kit!

  2. Well, tickle torture is not something we've said before, but it's perfect! I have a feeling it will be working it's way into our vocabulary!
    Thanks for the alpha!

  3. Oh yes, tickle torture was a common occurance at my house growing up! I am always tempted to try a speed scrap, but shy away from the unknown...ya know?

  4. Thanks for the alpha!
    Love the Parade LO! That would be a great template with all those clusters of elements/ribbons (or perhaps I can just scraplift it?!)


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