Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{speed scrap TONIGHT!}

Hello!! So I TOTALLY spaced it and missed the daytime speed scrap yesterday. Monday morning speed scraps are my favorite, so I'm way bummed!! But . . . there is an evening speed scrap tonight at 7pm Mountain time. I'm planning on doing this one. So if I'm missing, someone email me! haha The prize tonight is a good one! Check it out here.

I posted a new "Everyday Magic" challenge yesterday. You can read all about it here. Basically the challenge is just to scrap something "typical". You can interpret that in any way you'd like. Here's what I scrapped: a typical Sunday afternoon sitting around watching my niece Eden play! My entire family does this and its funny how entertained we all are by it. We're just smitten.

{credits here}

I used this cute new kit by Sya's Blueprints called "Learning Curve". It's so full of awesome papers and elements, I feel like I could still use it to make 3 more pages and not be tired of it. And I just noticed its on sale for only $3.50 right now!

And apparently I'm on a blocking kick, because I just finished this LO of my other niece Ella. These are photos I took of her at one of the many family parties we had last week.

{credits here}

Isn't she so cute?! I just love her little face!

Ok - one more page (I've been a scrapping kick the last couple days! It's nice to finally have time!). This one is for a Re-Do challenge we've been having at the DIS. We were challenges to take a Disney LO we did in the past that we just don't really love and Re-Do it! I knew just the page!!

I scrapped this last April and I just never loved it. It's weird and boring.

But I LOVE my Re-Do! It matches the colors in the photo better, its more my style, and it reflects the story of the photo better too!

{credits here}

Thanks, Melissa, for the fun Re-Do challenge!!

Ok - can I just rant a little here. Cars are necessary evils. I love my car, and I'm proud of myself for actually paying it off, but it gives me pains. It's REALLY been acting up these days so we finally took it in and of course its not an easy fix! :( Luckily I have a brilliant husband who took the extra time that the mechanic would never do, did some online research and figured out a way to (hopefully) save a LOT of money on the repair. He's so smart. I'm so lucky to have him. But still - my car is in the shop and I'm stuck at home for a while! haha

Can you believe its new year's eve tomorrow?! I can't. Its going to be 2009?! That is just crazy. This year has just flown by. Especially the end of it. I swear it was just barely Halloween. We have fun New Year's Eve and New Year's Day plans though, so I'm really looking forward to it!!

Alright - enough rambling for one day. See you later!!


  1. Wow! Love the re-do! I can't believe little Ella looks so grown-up. It seems like you were introducing her to us just earlier this month.

  2. Shoot, had I logged on an hour earlier I would have joined you in the SS. I miss doing them. Need the holiday's to be over and my DH to go back to work so I can get some stuff done! :)

    LOVE the re-do! I'm sad they closed the Gallery too, that was always fun to visit. Great new page! I need to go to the DIS scrapbook page more often. I've been stuck on the planning pages getting ready for our trip lately.

    Have a great NYE!


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